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Is Your Global Print-On-Demand Provider As Good As It Gets?

If your company has a global presence and you have offices worldwide, you’ll want to work with one provider to deliver all of your Print On Demand (POD) services. Having one print partner means your materials originate from a central source (an online, web-based ordering system) and that quality and production of these materials is consistent and of high quality.

As critical as document management and centralized printing is, don’t overlook the importance of your global requirements where POD materials are concerned.

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How to Tell If Your Courseware Management Program Is Serving You Well

If the education services your company offers is growing, and you’re adding more training courses in more locations and perhaps even in different languages, you need a system to manage this content for you.

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Are Nightmares about International Shipping Keeping You Up?

Companies that produce training materials and other time-sensitive documentation for a global audience need to feel 100% confident that their materials will be delivered where they’re needed, when they’re needed. And not a day later.

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Why Your Marketing Portal Needs Print-on-Demand Functionality

The last thing your sales team wants is to shop around for commercial printers each time they need something produced. Without a ton of experience, sourcing print is difficult, inefficient, and frustrating.

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OnFulfillment at 15!

Fifteen years ago, OnFulfillment was  in a 1000 square foot warehouse that was loaned to me by a great friend and mentor, Jim Moreton, now departed. The internet was the Wild West, and we were six months from the bubble bursting on a large portion the early adopters of the dot com craze. At that point, we were convinced that the internet would change the fulfillment business forever.  By us, I mean Dan Barnett and I. Shared information, universal access and real-time transactions – the possibilities were endless. We had an idea, enthusiasm, and a great support structure of friends and colleagues.

Our first customer was Zilog Corporation and Debra Erickson. Debra and I still exchange Christmas cards. No one wants to be the first customer, so I can’t thank her enough for our start. With Zilog on board, we had product in our warehouse and projects to do. At first my wife, kids and I did the work at home, but we soon hired  Juan Rosales from my previous job, and now I knew the work would get done. And so it continued as we added one new customer at a time. We soon moved to Hayward where another friend rented us space on a month to month basis.

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