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10 Reasons Print Will Never Die

The demise of print has long been rumored. In fact, no less an expert than satirical paper The Onion declared “Print Dead At 1,803” back in 2013.

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Why Print is Still Relevant in 2023

Let’s face it: in some circles, the thought of printing materials for a marketing campaign in 2023 is considered quaint, if not downright old fashioned. Digital marketers can’t possibly conceive of the value of print; as far as they’re concerned, why spend the time and money to manufacture something when they can create web-based, e-mail, and mobile campaigns quickly, easily and cost effectively?

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Smart Marketers Choose Printers with Muscle

All printers print well. Some deliver good quality; some deliver better quality; and some are truly stellar. But thanks to advanced printing technology, most printers in 2013 do a decent job. When looking at a buffet of print collateral, most marketers can’t tell the difference between samples – or know who printed what.

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7 Ways to Keep Your Print Costs Down

If we’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it a hundred times: enthusiastic yet inexperienced marketers running up print fulfillment costs by creating exotic designs that are undeniably beautiful but prohibitively expensive to produce and distribute. And there’s no shortage of printers who are happy to encourage that sort of behavior and take your money in the process.

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Why Your Marketing Portal Needs Print-on-Demand Functionality

The last thing your sales team wants is to shop around for commercial printers each time they need something produced. Without a ton of experience, sourcing print is difficult, inefficient, and frustrating.

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