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8 Things to Consider When Evaluating Courseware Management Programs

As your company grows, the education services your company offers has to grow along with it.  As you add more training courses in more global locations, in different languages, and with multiple authorized training partners, you’re going to need a system to manage courseware for you.

Courseware management programs help companies manage and distribute their printed courseware and ebooks quickly, securely, and cost effectively.

eight tipsAs you envision a perfect system for storing and managing your courseware, these 8 key points should be kept in mind:

  1. Is the online portal easy to use and maintain, for your team, your partners, and your students?
  2. What document types does the system support for both print and for ebooks, and is this flexible? 
  3. Does the system have POD (Print-On-Demand) capability? Is it integrated with a print and fulfillment partner who can produce your materials accurately and as needed?
  4. How secure is your online educational content?  Are you able to track ebook access and usage?  What other security measures are used to protect your proprietary courseware when it is sent electronically?
  5. Can the system customize and even personalize your courseware? What about co-branding for your training partners? If you offer prescriptive learning, that is, learning based on certain product configurations or customized for specific customers, is the system capable of creating such custom courseware?
  6. Is there robust e-commerce functionality built in to your management system, allowing training partners and other team members to order courseware as needed from your e-store? Are multiple payment options supported? What about payment in foreign currencies?  Is a public-facing estore available?
  7. What revenue management capabilities does the system provide?  Are they able to help you track and manage payments from multiple authorized training partners? How sophisticated and customizable is the P&L function, and what kinds of accounting reports does the system generate?
  8. Since print and fulfillment of training manuals are one of the largest expenses associated with a course offering, how does this system help you manage these costs? Does the partner have global locations to help reduce the cost of international shipments?

Whether your primary concerns are document security, courseware customization, cost control and analysis, or global delivery, it’s important to find a courseware management program that works for your company.

These 8 points will be helpful in your evaluation of companies offering such training portal systems. Make sure you work with a partner who has experience helping Education Services teams with courseware management, distribution and delivery.

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