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OnFulfillment Customers Helping Customers

Our favorite kind of customer or potential customer at OnFulfillment is one that wants to take advantage of all the resources that we have to offer. These are not just our technology, experience and global facilities, but our 80 plus customers and their willingness to share best practices with our other customers. Of course, this would not be the case if they are competitors! But our customers sharing ideas with each other has tremendous benefits.

We are currently working with a potential customer who is experiencing incredible growth. They originally came to us to help fulfill their product, but it became very clear that the inventory management, order fulfillment and reporting was the easy part. They are also looking at a new, more robust e-commerce site, a better way to register and manage classes, deliver video, work with channel partners, and have all that information feed into their accounting software. One of our long time and most valued clients just went through this very review, and we have introduced the two companies. Our current client was happy to share their experience and our potential customer is going to save hundreds of hours of time and pain.

This is not a unique situation at OnFulfillment. We have amazing customers and we love to help.

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