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Customizable Training Solutions for Virtual and In-Person Classrooms

The events of the past several years have confirmed one thing: delivering training courseware digitally is not only possible, it’s essential. Virtual classrooms have proven to be highly effective.  They’re also better for the environment because they eliminate printing and shipping requirements. 

OnFulfillment now delivers 99% of its courseware digitally.  And thanks to our ePub creation and delivery capabilities, we can provide online students with an incredibly rich experience that is equal to—and in some ways better than—in-person training.

onsecure ebooks program for training groups

OnSecure: Secure eBooks

OnSecure is the fastest, easiest way to deliver online course materials while protecting, controlling, and tracking your training documents—anywhere.

Our ePub creation tools help you deliver the most robust solutions to your customers while allowing you to effectively support online and instructor-led classes, last-minute students, hard-to-reach locations, and “bring your own device” users.

oncourse custom training courseware program

OnCourse: Custom Courseware

Many Education Services teams are being asked to create customized, prescriptive learning.  Our OnCourse program allows you to create custom courseware software quickly and easily, right in your training portal.  

You simply select from a list of available learning modules, drag-and-drop them into your course content, and the document automatically reflows to create an entirely new book.  

The resulting courseware is available in both printed and electronic forms to meet your specific needs. 

years of global training experience

Global Print & Fulfillment

When you do require printed copies, our global print network—with locations in 14 countries—means your training materials can be produced and shipped locally, ensuring they are delivered quickly and cost effectively.

Our global infrastructure and deep industry knowledge also ensure that, whether your classes are in Boston or Bosnia, Seattle or Saudi Arabia, your shipments will avoid common problems associated with customs and VAT.

offering voucher incentives with training programs

Voucher Programs

You can provide your channel sales team and distributors with vouchers that allow them to offer training incentives to close more deals. These custom voucher software programs not only encourage and promote certifications, they also remove you from the accounting function while generating more revenue. 

We handle all transactions for you as part of your revenue management program, providing a single payment and detailed report on a monthly or quarterly basis.  We even integrate with your CRM or LMS to close the loop on your programs.

corporate portal to manage your company's digital and physical assets

Training Portal Software for Education Services Teams

At the heart of it all is your easy-to-administer self-service OnFulfillment training management software portal, from which you manage and distribute your printed or online training courseware to customers and authorized training partners (ATPs) worldwide quickly, securely, and cost effectively.

Our self-service training portal provides complete customizable courseware management capabilities, including digital asset management, print-on-demand, and fulfillment and courseware inventory management.  

OnSecure, OnFulfillment’s easy-to-use e-delivery software, provides the best digital rights management (DRM) for the secure delivery of eBooks or ePubs available.

One portal. One process. No headaches.

revenue management for training fulfillment

Revenue Management

Our full-service management capabilities give you the unprecedented ability to manage your Authorized Training Partners’ (ATP) revenue stream.  Your ATPs have the ability to create classes, add students, and order training materials in printed or eBook format.  We have working relationships with more than 60 training partners around the world, including Global Knowledge, Red Education, Westcon, and others, ensuring your implementations go smoothly. 

You can configure your training portal to allow your partners to pay by purchase order, credit card, reward points, or voucher redemption. We handle credit card processing and all PO collections.  OnFulfillment will also provide you with a single check and detailed accounting report on a monthly or quarterly basis.

gears making integrations and custom developments work seamlessly

Custom Integrations

No two companies are alike.  That extends to training as well.

OnFulfillment’s professional engineering teams have years of experience designing and developing training solutions for our customers. And they will work with you to identify your unique requirements, tailoring your portal to deliver customized courseware that meets your specific needs.

Whether you require a single sign-on (SSO) implementation, integration with your LMS system, or a completely customized solution that is unique to you, our experienced team will deliver.


24/7 support via phone and email for all global locations

Full-Service Support

Our team of dedicated customer service representatives will help with initial portal set up and ongoing management of your training portal, as well as provide print and shipping expertise. We can also customize your training portal software to meet your exact business requirements, whether that's a single sign-on implementation or integration with your LMS or

Finally, OnFulfillment also offers full 24/7 support—not only for you, but your ATPs and students as well—ensuring you’re always covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Training Services

Q: Can you manage our global training partners?

A: Yes.  We work daily with the top training organizations in the world, including Global Knowledge, Red Education, and Westcon.  We are well positioned to manage your training partners.

Q: Do you support the delivery of electronic as well as printed courseware?

A: Yes.  In fact, we have been delivering secure DRM-protected electronic documents for more than 12 years.

Q: Do you support EPBU 3 format?

A: Yes.  To ensure this support, we have partnered with Kitaboo, the leading software for the creation, conversion, and delivery of EPBU documents.

Q: Do you offer revenue management services for our partners?

A: Yes.  We manage millions of dollars for our customers, so you don’t have to worry about reconciling transactions with customers and partners.

Q: Do you support voucher programs?

A: Yes.  We manage vouchers for a variety of training, testing, and certification services.  We also offer marketing vouchers and integrate with all common CRM systems.