Channel Marketing

Empower your partners

Invite Your Authorized Channel Partners to the Party

With OnFulfillment, you can empower your authorized channel partners to run co-branded campaigns and produce co-branded materials for lead generation and lead nurturing—all from your marketing partner portal.

You approve who has access to which resources.  You can roll out a global marketing system for hands-on use by all your channel marketing managers and their partners.  Or you can assign unique login IDs for select channel partner accounts or individuals, giving them access to specific assets for developing campaigns they couldn’t otherwise do on their own.  With rich and detailed metrics that report overall participation levels, you can assess the effectiveness of your partners’ marketing efforts.

marketing partners high-fiving from having a partner portalThrough the portal’s partner platform, you can also roll out integrated campaigns that can be shared with multiple partners for use with their own customer or prospect lists. Variable data printing (VDP) technology allows you to re-use creative components across all marketing channel partners—direct, indirect, vertical, or otherwise.  Using our built-in templates, you can lock-in certain elements such as your logo, legal warnings, and specific offers while giving each partner the freedom to customize the campaign with their own brand and tailored to their unique market.

Additionally, the portal can be used to create programs that recognize and reward your marketing channel management partners for achieving sales goals, or to add new and retain existing partners. 

Our team of dedicated customer service representatives are available to assist with initial portal setup as well as ongoing maintenance and expertise.

OnFulfillment offers a powerful platform for celebrating and enhancing the marketing partnerships you have with your channel, extending your brand while improving sales and increasing revenue streams.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Channel Marketing Services

Q: Can our channel partners access the OnFulfillment portal?

A: Yes, you can enable your channel partners to access your portal via a unique username and password assigned by you or through SSO from a partner portal.  You determine what and how much they can see, allowing you to exercise complete control.

Q: Can you work with partners to create co-branded promotional or marketing materials?

A: Yes.  In fact, this is quite popular right now, and by presenting your partners with a pre-curated catalog of products to choose from, you can protect your brand while also helping your partners.

Q: Can we give partners reward or co-op points to use in our company store?

A: Yes.  Over the years, we have found this is a great way to reward partners for performance.