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Trends for 2024: What Is Driving Buying Decisions Behind Branded Merchandise?

Every year, the most popular trends in fulfillment and merchandise seem to skew ever younger. Or, more accurately, the generation driving trends remains constant, while the rest of us grow older and farther away from what is currently “hip.”

This year, as one might expect, popular trends are being largely determined by social media influencers and the millennial/Gen Z lifestyle. For these consumers, products must look good enough—and be socially conscious enough—to be included as part of their story. For the companies who understand the process, these postings become free advertising to the most coveted demographic.

So what are the trends to look for in 2024? What issues are making these influencers sit up and pay attention while making them feel good about their purchases?

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Want to Be a Conscious Consumer? Consider Buying from These Companies

Many businesses today are engaging in “conscious consumerism”— making purchasing decisions based on their perceived social, economic, or environmental impact. In fact, we wrote a blog about this behavior last year (“What is Conscious Consumerism, and Why is it So Popular?,” Feb. 22, 2023).

Fortunately for these businesses, a number of well-known brands have also embraced this practice, donating a percentage of their profits to charitable organizations or modifying their manufacturing methods to minimize their impact on the environment.

In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of some of these socially responsible brands and how they are expressing their conscious consumerism. This is not an exhaustive list, just a random sampling of some of the larger brands (each of whom OnFulfillment has a relationship with). If your business has a mandate to practice conscious consumerism and you’re in the market for branded apparel or other giveaways, you might want to give these vendors a look.

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Looking for Branded Apparel? Learn to Speak the Language First

In a recent blog, we defined the various types of fabrics used in apparel production and offered suggestions on which are best for certain applications.

Today we’re going to turn our attention to the various types of apparel available for corporate branding purposes. While the categories are pretty basic—essentially shirts and outerwear—there are certain styles and treatments that impact the look and feel of the final product, which ultimately affects the perception of your brand. Much of what follows may be common knowledge, at least for some, but it provides a nice summary you or your team can consult when considering future purchases to ensure they are investing in the right items for the right audience.

Let’s get started.

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Which Type of Fabric is Best for Your Branded Apparel?

Branded apparel is tremendously popular amongst our customers.  It’s the go-to gift for employees, partners, customers, event attendees—just about anyone they will interact with.  Whether it’s a brand-name polo shirt or a baseball cap, a high-end jacket or a t-shirt, branded apparel is a great way to advertise the brand while letting the recipient know they are valued.

Picking the right item for the occasion is fairly easy for our customers; they usually know exactly what they are looking for.  Selecting the right material or fabric, though, is a bit more difficult.  There are so many options that understanding the differences between them requires a fair amount of knowledge. It’s not uncommon for customers to be delighted with their selection but disappointed in the material they chose.

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102 Event Giveaway Ideas That Will Increase Brand Impressions

Events are enjoying a resurgence. That means companies are looking for branded promotional items that help them make an impression without breaking the bank.

The success of any event giveaway is measured by impressions—that is, the number of people who see the product and logo over the item’s lifetime. The size of the event (and potential audience) must be carefully weighed against the quality of the item and the available budget in order to make a lasting and favorable impression. The price of each item should be directly related to the amount of business they are expected to generate from the attendees.

Topics: Event Marketing Materials Promotional Swag Riley's Picks Corporate Gifting