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Comprehensive Event Management Tools for In-Person and Virtual Tradeshows, Conferences, Seminars, and Other Exhibits

Managing logistics is the most difficult and time-consuming part of your event marketing responsibilities. OnFulfillment makes event management easy.

Through the interactive OnFulfillment event management software portal, your event marketing managers, planners, sales team members, partners—even exhibitors—can view and order the materials they need for any type of physical or virtual event, including: 

  • Tradeshows
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Road shows
  • Exhibitions

In-Person Events

Manage every aspect of your in-person tradeshow, seminar or conference through the OnFulfillment portal.

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Virtual & Hybrid Events

OnFulfillment offers innovative tools for helping you plan and conduct your online virtual or hybrid events.

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Corporate Portal Provides Complete Visibility for Total Control

With the OnFulfillment portal, you control who has access to the event software platform based on user type, job title, and event.  Authorized users simply log-in to see what’s in storage, reserve materials, order and customize collateral, choose shipping options, secure freight quotes and approval rights—even monitor spending against the approved budget. Real-time inventory management and reporting features ensure you always know where your materials are and who’s using them.

tradeshow booth that can be warehoused and shipped for eventsUnique customer-facing landing pages can also be created for each event, allowing attendees to log in to the event management website, provide a mailing address, and select from a pre-approved list of gifts or receive a promotional item produced specifically for that occasion.  For virtual events, addresses are collected for one-time use, and all relevant privacy laws regarding the collection of personal data are followed. 

Whether in person or online, OnFulfillment can ensure your events are always memorable and trouble-free.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Event Management

Q: What is event management?

A: Event management essentially takes project management principles and applies them to the planning and execution of corporate events—anything from small off-sites and seminars to large-scale gatherings like tradeshows, conferences, and festivals. OnFulfillment can handle the logistics—creating and shipping materials like collateral, signage, and promotional items—allowing you to focus on more strategic issues.  

Q: What level of event support do you offer?

A: Event management and support—both in-person and virtual—is one of our specialties. Our software expertise combined with our materials management capabilities means we can take tedious and time-consuming tasks like special labeling, shipping, and packaging off your hands. We manage both outbound and inbound logistics, ensuring the materials you need are delivered where and when they are needed. When items need to be returned, we provide the shipping labels and do a thorough inspection upon their return, even sending materials to the dry cleaner when required. You can monitor and manage all this activity from the event management software on your portal, ensuring you’re always informed and up to date.

Q: Can I reserve items for events taking place in the future?

A: Absolutely. Our events software module allows you to reserve any items stored by OnFulfillment for a future event. No one else can reserve or even access those items for the period you’ve reserved them, ensuing they’ll be available when needed. Just log on to your portal, name the event, reserve the items, upload any special instructions, and we’ll do the rest. Shipping, return labels, return to inventory—we do it all.

Q: Can I see where all my event material is located?

A: The events module’s online reporting feature tells you where all your items are at any given time—in inventory, reserved for a future show, in transit, at the event, or returning to the warehouse. You can even see who has them. You always have total visibility and total control.