Event Support

Tradeshow Fulfillment and Event Management
for In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

OnFulfillment's all-in-one event management software platform delivers cutting-edge event and tradeshow fulfillment, support and execution services. Our comprehensive solution—combined with decades of experience—empowers you to plan, manage and conduct successful in-person, virtual or hybrid events, including tradeshows, conferences, and seminars. By offloading tedious and time-consuming tasks, OnFulfillment's user-friendly platform lets you focus on more strategic priorities to ensure a more successful and efficient event.

Event Fulfillment and Management Portal

Our user-friendly software portal allows you to exercise complete control over every aspect of your event—right from your desktop. You can easily reserve, order, and customize tradeshow materials; schedule shipping and pre-print return labels; manage user access, track inventory and location; and monitor the entire process through real-time reporting. 

Reserve Tradeshow Materials

Through the portal, you can easily browse available tradeshow inventory and other reusable items like table skirts, signage, and equipment stored by OnFulfillment. Our event management software module allows you to reserve items for a future event, ensuring their availability when you need them. Simply log on to your portal, select the items to reserve, add any special instructions, and leave the rest to us. 

a trade show booth that can be stored

Order Branded Promotional Items

Every event needs a giveaway.  You can choose from hundreds of thousands of high-quality promotional products for all your event needs.  Can’t find what you need?  Just let us know what brand you’re looking for and we’ll find it.

It’s not just branded merch.  You can order customized materials for every aspect of your event through the portal, including banners, back walls, table throws, decorations, booth properties, printed event collateral, and much more. Literature can be printed specifically for the event, in the quantities needed, reducing waste and storage. 

a promotional shirt and mug for event giveaways


Schedule Global Shipping and Warehouse Storage

OnFulfillment ensures timely and reliable shipping for events worldwide. By providing warehouse storage with full event inventory management software for collateral and other reusable tradeshow items, we let you see what’s in stock at any given moment to make planning easy.

shipping all over the world


Perform Real-time Inventory Management

Real-time inventory management and reporting capabilities mean you always know where your materials are and who is using them. The tradeshow fulfillment software tracks your items from production and delivery to return. Online reporting provides up-to-date information on each item’s current and future status, when they're reserved, and whether they’re in transit, at the event, or on their way back to the warehouse. Online real-time reporting lets you maintain total visibility into and control over your event materials.

inventory of event material to be shipped


Maintain Flexible Access Levels and Control

You control who has access to the OnFulfillment tradeshow management software based on user type, job title and event.  Once logged in, authorized users such as event marketing managers, planners, sales team members and even partners can perform only the tasks you’ve approved for them.  This can include viewing and reserving materials, ordering and personalizing collateral, selecting shipping options, obtaining freight quotes, or even tracking spending against an approved budget.

security with your products via portal access control


Produce Vouchers, Coupons, and Access Codes

The OnFulfillment software lets you to create coupon codes that attendees can redeem for a special item after the event.  Recipients simply follow a link to a landing page hosted by OnFulfillment and enter the coupon code to claim a branded gift or other swag to thank them for their participation.

handing out coupons and vouchers to redeem gifts


Create Custom Landing Pages

OnFulfillment lets you create unique, event-specific landing pages for both internal and external audiences.

For internal users like tradeshow managers, planners and other designated individuals, you can create a logistics and materials site that allows everyone involved to track progress, place orders, and manage budgets.  Organizers can also use the portal to distribute handouts, presentations, literature or other materials electronically prior to the event, or print hard copies on demand and ship them to participants at their home or office.

company landing page for attendees to receive event giveawaysCustomer-facing landing pages can be created for attendees to register, receive updates, and even log in for the event.  After the show, guests can visit the page and choose from a pre-approved list of gifts or branded merchandise produced for the occasion by entering a single-use redemption code provided by OnFulfillment and providing a mailing address. OnFulfillment uses the collected addresses solely for delivery purposes, adhering to all applicable privacy laws concerning personal data collection and handling.

Event Support Services Provided by OnFulfillment

OnFulfillment specializes in tradeshow management and support for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, making your occasions memorable and hassle-free. Our software expertise, materials management capabilities, and comprehensive range of services such as global shipping, event logistics and branded product production allow us to handle tedious tasks like special labeling, shipping and packaging, freeing you to focus on more strategic aspects of your events. Every client receives a dedicated customer service representative to assist with the entire process, from ordering products to ensuring on-time delivery, even for last-minute needs.

multiple locations for shipping and storage


Managed Global Shipping

We manage both outbound and inbound logistics, ensuring the materials you need are delivered where and when they are needed. From creating and shipping materials like collateral, signage and event giveaways to providing return labels and managing inventory returns, our specialists handle every aspect of the process.

Large Format Printing


Prior Services

Once all necessary materials have been reserved or ordered, our team assembles, packs, and coordinates with tradeshow shipping companies for timely and cost-effective delivery. We can ship directly to a venue or to an advanced shipping location, or even hand-deliver items to the show floor if needed. Utilizing an advanced shipment warehouse ensures early delivery, avoiding setup and loading delays.



Post Services

OnFulfillment offers logistical support after the show as well.  This includes providing return labels, coordinating with tradeshow freight services, and recommending special packaging to maximize efficiency and ensure the most competitive pricing. When materials arrive back at the storage facility, our warehouse team carries out quality control inspections and arranges for laundering or repairs if needed. Once complete, items are returned to inventory so they are ready for the next event. You can monitor and manage all this activity from the event management software on your portal, ensuring you’re always informed and up to date.

Manage any type of physical, hybrid or virtual event, including:

Road Shows

a conference breakout session room set up with trade show material (1)

Key Features

  • User-friendly, comprehensive event management software platform
  • Managed global shipping for efficient, reliable logistics
  • Real-time inventory management and reporting
  • Flexible access control for various user roles
  • Branded swag and customizable event materials
  • In-person, virtual and hybrid event support
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Choose OnFulfillment for Your Tradeshow Fulfillment Needs

Upgrade your event planning and execution. OnFulfillment's comprehensive event management portal is designed to streamline tradeshow fulfillment by offloading time-consuming and repetitive tasks, letting you focus on more strategic aspects that will make your event truly memorable.

Discover the difference OnFulfillment's tradeshow fulfillment software can make for your events.

Frequently Asked Questions About the OnFulfillment Platform

Q: What is event management?

A: Event management essentially takes project management principles and applies them to the planning and execution of corporate events—anything from small off-sites and seminars to large-scale gatherings like tradeshows, conferences, and festivals. OnFulfillment can handle the logistics—creating and shipping items like collateral, signage, and marketing materials for events products—allowing you to focus on more strategic issues.  

Q: What level of event support do you offer?

A: Event management and support—both in-person and virtual—is one of our specialties. Our software expertise combined with our materials management capabilities means we can take tedious and time-consuming tasks like special labeling, shipping, and packaging off your hands. We manage both outbound and inbound logistics, ensuring the materials you need are delivered where and when they are needed. When items need to be returned, we provide the shipping labels and do a thorough inspection upon their return, even sending materials to the dry cleaner when required. You can monitor and manage all this activity from the event management software on your portal, ensuring you’re always informed and up to date.

Q: Can I reserve items for events taking place in the future?

A: Absolutely. Our events software module allows you to reserve any items stored by OnFulfillment for a future event. No one else can reserve or even access those items for the period you’ve reserved them, ensuing they’ll be available when needed. Just log on to your portal, name the event, reserve the items, upload any special instructions, and we’ll do the rest. Shipping, return labels, return to inventory—we do it all.

Q: Can I see where all my event material is located?

A: The events module’s online reporting feature tells you where all your items are at any given time—in inventory, reserved for a future show, in transit, at the event, or returning to the warehouse. You can even see who has them. You always have total visibility and total control.

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