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Gifting, Recognition, and Redemption Programs

With decades of experience planning, building, and executing recognition programs of all sizes, OnFulfillment knows how to make customers, employees, partners, and guests feel welcome and appreciated.

We know what’s required to run a successful gifting, recognition, and redemption program. We know how to ensure a rewarding outcome. More importantly, we know how to avoid the pitfalls that result in a less-than-satisfying campaign.

Our expertise isn’t limited to developing and managing effective gifting programs. We also build and maintain company portals and landing pages to keep your campaigns well organized. We assign and manage redemption codes to help you prevent program exploitation. We assemble and drop-ship orders from distribution centers around the globe to ensure unparalleled customer appreciation and satisfaction.

Everything is managed and monitored via your corporate portal, providing real-time insight into your reward and recognition programs—along with all your other OnFulfillment services.

agreeing handshake for new customers

Welcome New Customers

Customers are the reason you’re in business, and you want them to know how much they are appreciated. Recognition programs allow you to welcome new customers with a high-end, personalized branded promotional gift that says “thank you.” OnFulfillment can help you build and run a rewarding new customer program.

bringing on new employees

Onboard New Employees

Whether your business is on a hiring spree, you’re adding new employees through a merger or acquisition, or you’re just filling an open position, it’s always nice to make recent additions to your corporate family feel welcome and valued. A comprehensive onboarding program allows you to roll out the red carpet for new employees with a nice corporate-branded gift or piece of apparel—along with critical paperwork, forms, and other need-to-know information. As your marketing fulfillment provider, OnFulfillment is perfectly positioned to plan and execute such a program.

congratulating your work team

Recognize Team Members

Employees like to feel valued and appreciated. Employee recognition programs allow you to celebrate significant achievements, commemorate service milestones, and otherwise acknowledge your colleagues’ contributions to the business. A thoughtful and personal gift or a shopping spree on the corporate store is a great way to say “thank you for being an important part of the team.”

rewards for business partners

Reward Your Partners

Your partners are your representatives in the field, and you want to acknowledge their ongoing loyalty and hard work. A partner recognition program allows you to reward partners for achieving a sales goal with points they can redeem for sales materials such as collateral or branded merchandise. Partner reward programs are an OnFulfillment specialty.

gift for trade show guests

Thank Guests

Does your company sponsor conferences or seminars, attend trade shows, or conduct training or other types of road shows? If so, you can build a reward and recognition program designed to thank attendees with a book, white paper, or third-party report sent after the event. OnFulfillment can help you build and run multiple programs simultaneously, allowing you to recognize customers and prospects while building your contact list for future campaigns.

OnFulfillment Helps You Design and Build Successful Reward and Recognition Programs

Reward, recognition, and redemption programs are notoriously difficult to develop, execute, and manage.  As a reflection of your corporate culture, these programs must be meticulously planned and executed.

OnFulfillment offers the experience and expertise required to help you overcome the organizational and logistical challenges that sabotage less successful programs.

We know that delivering a positive experience requires asking the right questions during the planning phase, and that means knowing which questions to ask. What is the purpose of the program? Does it require landing pages or a dedicated web site? Will you need tracking, metrics, and reporting tools? OnFulfillment can help you sort out these details, refine your objective, and build a program that will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Choosing the Right Reward for the Occasion

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is how you want to reward your customers, employees, partners, and guests. There are numerous options—vouchers, redemption codes, gift cards, rewards points. Which is best for your program?

The answer is: it depends. OnFulfillment is fluent in all types of gifting methods and can help you choose the best one to meet your objectives. Whether you’re looking to engage prospects, thank customers, reward employees, or provide incentives for partners, the right approach helps you send the right message to your target audience.

Say it With Vouchers

Vouchers—one-time-use codes offering discounts, promotions, or special deals on specific products or services—are often used to attract new customers or boost sales with your existing installed base.

Ideal for promoting new merchandise, vouchers are an easy way to generate interest while offering customers a financial incentive to invest. Better yet, you can add an expiration date and limit discounts to specific items, adding a level of urgency to the response.

OnFulfillment can help you set up and manage your voucher-based program. Details are available through your corporate portal, allowing you to see campaign status in real time.


vouchers for redeeming gifts

Cash In with Redemption Codes

Redemption codes are uniquely generated alphanumeric “keys” that recipients use to claim a gift, apply a discount, access digital content, or unlock certain services.

You can use redemption codes in your direct marketing campaigns to let prospects log in and receive a T-shirt, white paper, a discount on services, or any other gift.

OnFulfillment can assign a block of unique codes for your campaign, manage their use to prevent the same code from being used more than once, and rapidly fulfill the request as part of their reward and redemption service.


company online promo codes

Gift Cards Offer Purchasing Power

Prepaid gift cards or digital codes offer recipients a level of flexibility to select a gift that is meaningful to them. Frequently used for employee recognition and customer appreciation programs, you assign a specific monetary value to the card and let your users go shopping on the company store website.

OnFulfillment has cracked the code on global gift cards, supporting multiple currencies and languages so they can be redeemed online as well as locally at stores and other locations around the world. Gift cards can also be reloaded with funds if you want to run an ongoing recognition campaign.


gift card voucher

Motivate with Rewards Points

Reward points, a form of virtual currency, are ideal for incentivizing partners to earn free materials or merchandise.

You can offer your partners reward points for achieving certain sales goals or meeting mandatory milestones such as attending training sessions, earning technical certifications, or reaching purchasing thresholds. Those points can then be redeemed for printed collateral, branded promotional merchandise, shipping fees, or any other service that OnFulfillment may offer. It’s a closed-loop system that benefits both parties.


Managing Success

Every reward and recognition program is different. But one thing is consistent: whether you’re thanking customers, motivating partners, or recognizing employees, OnFulfillment ensures your gifting and recognition programs are an unqualified success.

Other Services Included with the OnFulfillment Portal

The OnFulfillment software portal offers more than just reward and redemption services to support your marketing fulfillment needs. Join more than 1 million other users and learn how OnFulfillment can help your business thrive.

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Branded Promotional Items

With hundreds of thousands of new and trending products available, you’ll be sure to impress with quality corporate swag.

Branding Services

trade show booth fulfillment

Event Support

Manage all your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events—from planning, ordering, and shipping to return, laundering, and storage—all through our corporate software portal.

Event Support

corporate printer

Print Fulfillment

OnFulfillment provides comprehensive online print and fulfillment services for all your marketing, HR, and training materials.

Print Services

fulfilling company orders

Fulfillment Services

Let OnFulfillment warehouse and inventory your printed materials and event items, handle your global shipping, and manage your pick-and-pack and kitting-and-assembly services.

Fulfillment Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Rewards & Redemption Programs

Q:  What makes a successful rewards program?

A:  While rewarding employees, customers, or partners for achieving a milestone or making a purchase is fairly common, the best programs reward people when they least expect it. For instance, rewarding someone on their birthday is an easy way to enhance the user experience.


Q:  Can you do international gift cards and redemption programs?

A:  Yes, we can help you with gift cards for everything from to local establishments in more than 140 countries worldwide.  We can take care of everything.


Q:  Do you require a deposit for any of your services?

A:  Absolutely not.


Q:  Can I do pop-up stores and landing pages for my redemption programs?

A:  Yes.  Through your portal, you can create a corporate redemption center that can be used by internal employees, partners, and customers. From there, you can create multiple landing pages offering various items—everything from gift cards to corporate swag boxes. These redemption centers and landing pages are available globally.

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