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New to Trade Shows and Events? This Glossary will Help.

It’s spring, which means it’s event season. Businesses across America (and around the world, for that matter) are dusting off their exhibits, unfurling their banners, erecting their pop-up signs, and preparing to hit the road.

In honor of this occasion, and to assist the novices and newcomers, we’ve assembled the following list of trade show and event terms—common phrases and labels you’re sure to hear from the various vendors and consultants you’ve enlisted to assist your efforts. Hopefully this list will prepare you for the inevitable conversations and allow you to communicate your objectives effectively.

To help organize this content, we’ve assigned the terms to six basic categories:

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Trends for 2024: What Is Driving Buying Decisions Behind Branded Merchandise?

Every year, the most popular trends in fulfillment and merchandise seem to skew ever younger. Or, more accurately, the generation driving trends remains constant, while the rest of us grow older and farther away from what is currently “hip.”

This year, as one might expect, popular trends are being largely determined by social media influencers and the millennial/Gen Z lifestyle. For these consumers, products must look good enough—and be socially conscious enough—to be included as part of their story. For the companies who understand the process, these postings become free advertising to the most coveted demographic.

So what are the trends to look for in 2024? What issues are making these influencers sit up and pay attention while making them feel good about their purchases?

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The Evolution of Event Management at OnFulfillment

This year, OnFulfillment celebrates its Silver Anniversary—25 years of meeting the various printing, storage, shipping, training, and marketing fulfillment needs of customers worldwide.

To mark this occasion, we’re using this blog space to revisit our history and recall how we have evolved over the past two and half decades. We started off with a high-level overview of our first 25 years, followed by several more focused entries offering a closer look into the into specific services such as printing and branded promotional merchandise. printing. With today’s entry, we’re exploring OnFulfillment’s foray into the event fulfillment and management space.

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How Can Marketing Asset Management Help with Your Next Event? Let Us Count the Ways

Event managers have a tough job. They are responsible for every trade show, seminar and conference in which your company will participate. That’s a lot to handle.

It’s even more impressive when you consider that each of the events these managers oversee are composed of multiple components and moving parts. There are promotional items, signage, displays, demos, printed collateral, and much more. Add staffing to the equation, including arranging accommodations and both short- and long-distance travel to and from the events for potentially dozens of people, and it’s easy to see just how overwhelming and stressful it can all become. Simply put, event managers must be exceptionally skilled at juggling multiple tasks simultaneously in order to pull it all off successfully.

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Beware New Players in the Event Fulfillment and Management Space

You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll continue to say it: events are making a huge comeback.

Pent-up demand following the COVID-inspired shutdowns has driven companies back into events, primarily in-person gatherings. In fact, most of our new customers over the past year originated as a request for assistance with their event management responsibilities.

To capitalize on this trend, many of our competitors have started advertising themselves as event fulfillment and management providers. Never mind that, up to this point, these gifting platforms have focused almost exclusively on producing and mailing branded merchandise. When they see a business opportunity, they jump on it.

Topics: Event Marketing Materials Marketing Fulfillment Event Support