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How Can Marketing Asset Management Help with Your Next Event? Let Us Count the Ways

Event managers have a tough job. They are responsible for every trade show, seminar and conference in which your company will participate. That’s a lot to handle.

It’s even more impressive when you consider that each of the events these managers oversee are composed of multiple components and moving parts. There are promotional items, signage, displays, demos, printed collateral, and much more. Add staffing to the equation, including arranging accommodations and both short- and long-distance travel to and from the events for potentially dozens of people, and it’s easy to see just how overwhelming and stressful it can all become. Simply put, event managers must be exceptionally skilled at juggling multiple tasks simultaneously in order to pull it all off successfully.

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Beware New Players in the Event Fulfillment and Management Space

You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll continue to say it: events are making a huge comeback.

Pent-up demand following the COVID-inspired shutdowns has driven companies back into events, primarily in-person gatherings. In fact, most of our new customers over the past year originated as a request for assistance with their event management responsibilities.

To capitalize on this trend, many of our competitors have started advertising themselves as event fulfillment and management providers. Never mind that, up to this point, these gifting platforms have focused almost exclusively on producing and mailing branded merchandise. When they see a business opportunity, they jump on it.

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Exhibit House or Event Support Services: Which Do You Need?

We’ve said it many times over the past several months: trade shows and events are making a huge comeback. Most of the new customers we’ve welcomed in 2023 actually came to us looking for help with their event management requirements.

One thing we’ve discovered in our initial meetings with these new customers is they are often confused about the differences between exhibit houses or providers and event support and management services. Many assumed they were synonymous, leading to lots of frustration as they searched in vain for vendors who could provide the help they were looking for. Turns out a simple change in their search strategy could have led them right to their ideal partner, saving considerable time and effort.

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Is Event and Trade Show Support Different in the U.S. Than in Europe?

Many businesses with an international presence are called upon to support events not only in the U.S. but also throughout Europe.

Are their differences between the two? On the surface, the basic process appears to be the same for both locations: identify and gather the necessary materials, ship them to the venue, and return them after the event so they can be placed back into inventory. But dive a little deeper and you’ll find there are significant differences that must be considered when planning an international event. 

This blog will explore the various issues and challenges—some subtle, some more obvious—that confront you when planning organizing an event outside the U.S. While we’ll be focusing on Europe here, understand that these same issues apply to other locations and continents as well and will require a bit of research to adequately address them.

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How Event Collateral Impacts Your Show's Success

Planning and organizing a successful event can be quite complex.  Developing a theme, designing the booth property, coordinating with the show organizers, arranging shipping, staffing—there are a lot of moving parts.

One component that often gets lost in the shuffle is event collateral material.  From brochures and programs to banners and promotional merchandise, event collateral plays a vital role in creating a memorable and impactful experience for attendees while helping you establish your brand.

Whether you're organizing a corporate conference, a trade show, or a charity fundraiser, understanding the various types of collateral material you’ll need will help you curate an experience that leaves a lasting impression.  In this blog we will define the various types of collateral material available, describe their purpose and benefits, and explain the unique role each plays in creating brand visibility, conveying information, and driving engagement.

Topics: Event Marketing Materials Marketing Fulfillment Event Support