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OnFulfillment Web Portal

corporate portal to manage your company's digital and physical assetsOur software is the key to the OnFulfillment experience—the enabling technology that allows you to build a marketing portal that is the cornerstone of your marketing, HR, training, and channel fulfillment infrastructure.

Using our portal website, you can manage and monitor the various activities that normally consume a large part of your day—printing and shipping, collateral and inventory, event logistics, the company store. Our software lets you see and do everything with the click of a mouse; we do the heavy lifting.


Corporate Portal for Employee Engagement

Whether you’re building a business portal for marketing, HR, training, or channel partners, our goal is to make sure our site looks like your site. Choose from literally hundreds of available templates to create a customized look that reflects your corporate brand. If you can’t find a template you like, our style sheets, icons, and imagery are available to help you build a one-of-a-kind company portal that meets all your needs.

Our customized portal software UI delivers a rewarding user experience. Marketing, sales, human resources, or any group you choose can build their own sites within the portal, where catalogs, user groups, and business rules combine to deliver a common experience across all departments.

The OnFulfillment portal is available globally, allowing your teams to order, manage, and distribute branded merchandise, as well as printed and digital materials, to locations worldwide—quickly, securely, and cost effectively.  We support multiple languages, multiple currencies, and fulfillment centers in 14 countries, all from a single interface.

We even have a separate workflow for tradeshow and event orders, allowing you to reserve materials and schedule deliveries weeks or even months in the future. No more raiding the marketing closet at the last minute, hoping to find the materials you need.

Supported Features

The OnFulfillment portal software supports the following key features and capabilities: 

  • E-mail alerts for ordering, shipping, and delivery completion
  • Back-in-stock notifications
  • Custom address books
  • Real-time shipping quotes
  • Event management and scheduling
  • Rewards points
  • Gift cards and coupons
  • Discount codes 
  • Budget monitoring and management
  • Redemption and landing pages
  • Gifting programs
  • Pop-up pages and stores
  • Digital asset management (DAM)

Material Procurement & Distribution

Your OnFulfillment marketing portal features a fully responsive design that is built to work on all devices.  You can specify and support multiple payment options, including credit cards, points programs, internal cost center allocation, purchase orders, or market development funds (MDFs).  You also control who has access to which assets and materials, as well as shipping options and freight quotes, approval rights, budget allocation, and more.

Our digital asset management (DAM) and variable data printing (VDP) capabilities empower your internal teams, as well as channel partners and distributors, to create beautiful, customized materials and execute brand-compliant marketing campaigns right from the portal.  Powerful metadata capabilities ensure that each user—customer, employee, or partner—enjoys a unique experience, tailored to their specific needs.


When you make changes, you want them to happen right away.  When you need information, you want it to be accurate and up to date.  OnFulfillment’s real-time administrative features ensure that all modifications are recorded and reflected immediately, ensuring you always have an accurate view of your account.

Our robust software updates immediately, ensuring the latest figures are right at your fingertips.  Need to look up a part?  Add a workflow?  Create a new product group?  No problem.  Simply perform the necessary steps and hit “enter.”  Your changes appear immediately, which means anyone with access to the dashboard can see them, too.  

In other words, in the time it takes to ask “How long will it take for changes to appear on my portal?”, the answer is “They’re already there.”

administration home page on the back end of corporate portal

The OnFulfillment marketing portal, which is GDPR, SOC2, and SAML 2 compliant, supports the following administrative features and functions:

  • Admin dashboard 
  • Bulk import of users and products
  • Document tracking
  • Real-time user and product administration
  • Product tagging
  • Product referral
  • Mark as “New”
  • Set availability
  • Multiple payment methods, including credit cards, points/budget, coupons, access codes, and gift cards
  • Unlimited user roles and rules
  • User role pricing
  • Min/max order by role
  • Extensive APIs for integration
  • Approval queues for expedited shipping, in excess of maximum amounts, additional budget, and special requests
  • E-mail alerts for ordering, shipping, delivery, low stock levels, back in stock, page visits, page opens 
  • CDN
  • VAT 
  • Sales tax


Our software makes hundreds of detailed reports available at your fingertips in real-time, 24/7.  

We constantly gather, collate, and process so much data that, at a moment’s notice, you can generate a list of current users or check the inventory for any item stored in the warehouse.  Don’t see the precise report you need?  We can build it for you.  Want to keep on top of a certain situation?  We can send you regularly scheduled reports—for instance, a low stock disclosure every Monday morning at 9 a.m.—and e-mail you notifications when a pre-set threshold is met.

menu of order reports for corporate store

Need to know who is ordering material and, just as important, who is not?  Want to keep tabs on how much they’ve spent and what they’ve spent it on, broken down by cost center, department, or customer code?  We can do all that. 

OnFulfillment delivers the following real-time reports out of the box, each available with multiple filters such as date range, product groups, users, and more, providing the granularity you want. Custom reports are also available upon request.

  • Google Analytics
  • reports on back end of online web storeOrder 
  • User
  • Inventory
  • Most Popular
  • Least Popular
  • Export to Excel or CSV
  • Event Tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Corporate Portal

Q: Can you support different levels of access and other restrictions?

A:  Yes.  Through your portal, you can create an unlimited number of user types, all with different access levels to functionality, catalog categories, and business rules such as pay or don’t pay and minimum and maximum order quantities.

Q: How often do I get reports?

A:  All reports are available 24/7, in real-time. You have access to more than 100 reports, including inventory, usage, users, Google Analytics, event tracking, and credit card activity. Whatever report you can think of, we probably already have it. If not, we will write it for you.

Q:  Can I track cost centers or department budgets?

A:  Yes.  You can assign users to a cost center or department as part of their profile and have them pick a cost center from a dropdown menu at checkout, or even pass the user information via SSO in the metadata.

Q:  How long does it take to add parts to the site?

A:  You can create items in minutes and publish them to the site, add them to categories, create rules, and more all in real time. The second you click publish, it is on the site.  Or, if you’re uncomfortable with adding items yourself, we can do it for you.