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Voucher Programs = Peace of Mind for Training Organizations

If you’re in the business of selling software or hardware, you’re also in the business of training. You probably have a considerable amount of training materials, which may be printed materials or electronic documents – or both.

Whatever format they  take, training organizations need a system for managing and distributing training materials training_teams_make_voucher_management_painlessquickly, securely, and cost effectively. This is especially challenging if you have voucher programs, which offer prepaid classes or certification exams via redemption of a code.

Voucher programs for training classes also enable third parties, like distributors and other ATPs (Authorized Training Partners), to offer training incentives for your courses. They entail managing a lot of information, like individual transactions, voucher redemption, payments, authorization and code verification, as well as detailed reporting of all voucher activity.

How are voucher programs administered? One very effective solution is having them integrated through your training courseware portal, provided that your portal provider has the experience and the technology for voucher program management.

Picture these two different scenarios.

Maybe the vouchers are printed on your course materials. Typically, this involves a code and a link, where the user copies/pastes the code for redemption. You could leverage these printed vouchers by requiring the user to provide additional information before the redemption is activated. Sometimes the user is asked to provide class feedback. In this scenario, your printed voucher program doubles as a value-added service that provides new and important data to your training organization or authorized testing partner. The collected data allows you to up sell, improve existing courses, and generally learn more about your student base.

Another scenario describes a more complex voucher program. If your courseware is digital, so are your voucher programs. Right off the bat, this means you avoid print and freight costs. By working through your portal partner, you can generate a voucher PDF. At the time of the download (redemption), the system “stamps” the voucher with a unique code.

Things get more interesting – and challenging – when you have a global distributor network. The broader your network, the more advanced and streamlined your voucher program needs to be.

Administering and managing a global voucher program requires experience and expertise. Partnering with a fulfillment company that has this expertise will save training teams the cost and aggravation of doing it themselves. Managing voucher programs includes handling all electronic invoicing, payments, and related reconciliation.

So if you’re a software or hardware manufacturer, and you offer training programs through authorized partners, whether locally or globally, don’t assume you must reinvent the wheel with your voucher programs. Voucher programs require sophisticated technology for seamless processing. Work with a fulfillment partner who is as comfortable with voucher programs as you are with the software you’re manufacturing. Let them take this responsibility off your plate and handle it for you. It’s true peace of mind.


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