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Here’s How to Slash Printing Costs for Your Global Training Materials

Maybe it’s high time you started questioning the cost of printing and shipping your global training materials.

Managing a handful of training courses that you offer stateside a few times a year may not set your budget back, but if you’re offering dozens of classes multiple times a year in cities across the globe, then exorbitant print production costs should raise a red training materials fulfillment can save you thousands of dollars

As you search for a print and fulfillment partner for your training materials, there are certain criteria that every education specialist in a high-tech company looks for:

  • Manufacturing capability to produce high-quality student guides, lab guides, bound copies of course notes and other training materials, such as DVDs.
  • Sufficient equipment (redundancy is a must) to accommodate all of your courseware needs, especially in times of high-volume printing and shipping.
  • A secure online portal that houses all of your course materials in multiple languages.
  • A portal that offers seamless ecommerce functionality.
  • 24/7 tracking and reporting functionality for all courseware printed and shipped.
  • Built-in inventory alert triggers.
  • A portal that gives your team the ability to customize and edit courseware as needed.

As critical as these criteria are, there’s one more capability that tech training teams should demand if they want to significantly reduce their production costs:

A print and fulfillment partner that offers local printing and shipping for the countries in which you do business.

Here’s why: shipping costs will be sky-high if your printer prints course materials in North America and ships them overseas, especially in the countries that are most popular for high-tech training, including China, Saudi Arabia, India and Europe.

Aside from preventing logistical nightmares if your print materials are shipped outside of North America, you’ll save thousands and thousands of dollars by working with a partner who has a global network of printing and fulfillment facilities worldwide.

You get peace of mind. A global distribution network. And extreme savings.

Get in touch and find out how much we can reduce your current costs for all of your training materials.

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