secure online document delivery for training teams

Secure Courseware eDelivery for
Education Services

Protect, control, and track your documents - where ever they go.

Secure document delivery (ebook) is the best way to ensure the training materials for both instructor led and on-demand courses get to your students quickly and cost effectively. 

OnSecure is the most secure solution available with the industry's strongest ebook digital rights management (DRM) protection to protect your intellectual property.


Easy to Use

  • Elegant bookshelf look & feel
  • Access on tablets and mobile with Android and iOS apps, and sync across all devices
  • Download option available for offline access
  • Search, highlight, add notes, share, print, copy, paste
  • Create collaborative groups, instruct and share notes
  • Allow instructors or students to load additional content, such as articles or lecture notes, into the bookshelf

 Easy to Administer

  • Full support for both PDF and EPUB 2.0 & 3.0 document formats
  • Upload class roster for quick send, and add to, delete or change the roster before class start
  • View which students have not yet accessed the courseware before your class starts
  • Configure reminder emails to be sent at specific intervals, such as 72 hours or 24 hours before class start, to all students
  • Optional integration to allow students to order a hard copy
  • 24/7 customer support for you and your worldwide authorized training partners (ATPs)

kortext bookshelf, part of the onsecure program

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