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Print-on-Demand Services for the More Demanding Customers

When you need low quantities very quickly, web-based print-on-demand (POD) is the way to go.

Not only do print-on-demand services offer faster turnaround than traditional offset printing, they allow you to print only what you need, when you need it, virtually eliminating waste and dramatically reducing the need to warehouse unused material. The process is highly automated. You simply upload digital files to your OnFulfillment portal; they can either be print-ready or you can build them within the software using available templates. Once complete, they are ready for the print-on-demand platform. You order the quantities required for the event and include delivery instructions. It’s that simple.  

Since files are digital, they can be modified or updated as needed. Whether you’re creating training materials, custom sell sheets, booklets, promotional merchandise, or direct mail campaigns, you can personalize jobs based on the event or change copy and graphics to cater to the intended audience. Files are stored online in your OnFulfillment portal, ready when needed at the push of a button.

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Web-based print on demand is so efficient and cost-effective, you can economically print low quantities to test content with sales reps or instructors, gathering and implementing input for improvements. Because materials are produced “on demand,” the process eliminates the need for large print runs–common with other printing methods–and minimizes the cost of storing old or obsolete print inventory.

OnFulfillment also offers global print-on-demand services, maintaining facilities in 14 countries including the USA and across six continents. That means on-demand printing services are available locally, virtually anywhere in the world, minimizing shipping costs. And the technology is so advanced, you get virtually the same options and quality as offset printing solutions. It’s almost like having your own personal printing press.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Print-on-Demand

Q: What is “print-on-demand”?

A: Print-on-demand, or POD, is a method in which items are printed when they are ordered, and in the quantities requested. It is a very efficient and economical way to produce printed material on a budget. OnFulfillment offers print-on-demand services at locations around the world.

Q: What are the primary benefits of web-based print-on-demand?

A: While web-based print-on-demand offers a number of benefits, they can essentially be summarized in the following:  First, by printing only what’s needed, it virtually eliminates waste.  Second, because you only print what’s needed for any individual event, print-on-demand dramatically lowers shipping and storage costs.  Third, because it doesn’t commit you to large print runs, it offers the flexibility to change, update, or otherwise modify your marketing message and materials without impacting your budget.  It’s the ultimate in brand control.

Q: How long does print-on-demand take?

A: In most cases, OnFulfillment will print the materials within 24 hours of receiving the order, usually on the same day. Materials are then shipped from the closest fulfillment center. The whole process normally takes between three and five days.