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Need to Optimize Your Marketing Budget? Time to Outsource

It’s a new year. Time to start preparing for the various events, conferences and tradeshows on your marketing calendar—not to mention all your other projects and priorities.

Unfortunately, adding headcount right now is difficult if not impossible. Current economic conditions are forcing businesses to tighten their belts. Even if you could find and hire the right talent, building a full-time team to handle spikes in activity surrounding individual events doesn’t make financial sense.

Sounds like it’s time to outsource.

Outsourcing is not offshoring—sending work overseas to be done cheaply, at the expense of the domestic workforce. Outsourcing means leveraging external local resources on a temporary basis to help you through surges in activity, such as those surrounding an event or a product launch, to maximize your budget. It’s like having a dedicated team of experts at your disposal, ready to lend support as needed so you can focus on project management and organization. You only pay for what you use—the perfect relationship.

OnFulfillment is currently helping dozens of companies with their outsourcing needs. Each of these customers has a dedicated sales rep who serves as their contact within the organization. When extra help is needed, this representative assembles a team of experts to provide the requested support. Because these are existing customers, the team members are already familiar with the company and their products—no need to waste valuable time training or bringing them up to speed. It’s the ultimate in flexibility and responsible budget management.

marketing services for different departments that can be outsourced to a partner

Once the team is in place, you can order, schedule or manage various support services via your personal OnFulfillment business portal, providing the visibility and insight required to keep your operation running.

Planning an event? OnFulfillment stores reusable conference, tradeshow, seminar and other event materials such as signage, pop-up booths and giveaways and can ship them wherever they are needed. Through your event software portal, you can reserve these materials days, weeks or even months in advance to ensure they are available when needed. Because the OnFulfillment software provides a complete real-time inventory of your items, you always know where everything is, when it’s going out, and when it’s coming back. OnFulfillment handles all the storage and freight, including outgoing and return shipments. We will even dry clean items such as branded table drapes, ensuring they’re ready to go for the next event.

Need collateral for your event? OnFulfillment offers a variety of high-quality web-to-print, print-on-demand, and offset print fulfillment services in 14 countries around the world. You simply upload your files to your personal print portal, make any necessary adjustments, and submit your order. We do the rest. Whether you need to print collateral for a seminar series or one-off event, content for a critical sales meeting, or mailers for a direct marketing campaign, OnFulfillment can help you easily manage the entire process from production to bindery to delivery. And since we have facilities on virtually every continent, our global print fulfillment capabilities help you avoid complicated and time-consuming customs issues.

Need branded giveaways or apparel for your event or company store? OnFulfillment not only offers access to literally thousands of branded promotional items and apparel, we also help you build, stock and manage a virtual online company store—all from your software portal. Our team can help you design the site to reflect your unique brand and meet your specific business requirements, such as a single sign-on implementation or integration with your existing environment. Based on their level of access, determined by you, employees, customers and partners can order, customize and deliver virtually any kind of promotional products they can imagine, anywhere in the world. Event attendees can even sign on to claim special giveaways. It’s all possible via the portal and working with your team of experts.    

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. OnFulfillment offers a wide variety of other marketing fulfillment services, from warehousing and pick-and-pack to kitting and assembly to onboarding, reward and redemption programs. In addition to traditional marketing, we also support your HR, training, and partner teams with their fulfillment, printing and shipping requirements. You decide how much help you need, and we’ll make it work.

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