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4 Key Things to Look for When Choosing a Company Store

Can we be honest for a moment? It still amazes us that 22 years after launching our very first web portal, we still maintain a significant competitive advantage in some of the functionality that we consider basic. Some of these functions can literally make or break your campaign, yet few of our competitors actually offer these as standard. If you’re in the market for a new company store, here are a few fundamentals we strongly suggest you look for.

Real-Time Inventory

We talk with prospects every day who say that one of their main issues is not knowing their inventory levels. In our opinion, real-time inventory is a basic and necessary part of any portal, company store or e-commerce platform. Every single decision you make revolves around knowing exactly how much inventory you have at any given moment. Our sites are integrated directly with our warehouses, which means you can view your global inventory levels at a moment’s notice.

choosing company store - blog imageFreight Quotes and Delivery Dates

Understanding your delivery costs and knowing the timing of those deliveries is absolutely critical. From the moment freight carriers like FedEx and UPS began offering integration with their systems, OnFulfillment has been able to provide accurate estimates of both cost as well as global delivery date expectations for our clients. Before you even check out, we can present you with cost and delivery options for your order, whether it is ground delivery or first AM.


Despite being in the age of big data and AI, we are still routinely asked how often we send reports. The answer is simple and straightforward. We have included real-time reporting as part of our basic services since day one. That’s because we understand that with increasing cross-departmental requirements, being able to report by cost center, department, purchase order, and geography is crucial. We have hundreds of reports – from inventory and orders, to user activity, reorder points, most/least used, and more - all of which are instantly accessible 24x7x365.


Simply put, security creates a better user experience. Our platform offers one secure login, through which you can move seamlessly across all platforms. We launched our first single sign-on in 2007 with Juniper Networks. Today, we have dozens. With the increase in cross-departmental requirements, SSO makes life easier for your entire company. Marketing sees marketing material, sales sees sales, people teams see their material, etc.

At the end of the day, your company store is an extension of your brand and it should be representative of that. Why settle for a watered-down version or one that costs extra for the basic features you need? At OnFulfillment, we believe these things should be accessible to everyone and we don’t think it’s fair to charge extra. To learn more about our global fulfillment services or to set up your own secure online store or portal, contact us today!

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