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When it Comes to Your Company Store, It’s All About the Software

If your company maintains an online store, you know how difficult it is to keep it current.

In fact, that is one of the main complaints we hear from prospective customers. They tell us how it can take them days or even weeks to get new products added. Running reports poses a significant logistical challenge. Even making minor changes becomes a time-consuming chore.

This is music to our ears. Not because we enjoy their pain. It’s because, at this point of the conversation, we visit our demo store to show them how we can help them solve all those problems—and more—in a matter of minutes.

company store + softwareIt’s all about the software. We wrote it specifically to address the issues we’ve been hearing about for decades. The result is a sophisticated portal that allows new products to be easily uploaded, detailed reports run with the push of a button, updates quickly made, and much more. And it’s all backed by a team of trained experts that ensures the site is always operating at peak performance and efficiency.

It starts with the account manager. Working with the customer, the account manager identifies the new items to be added.

The project manager then orders the product, tracking it from production through delivery. The project manager also creates product images, descriptions and ordering information, sharing them with the customer service representative for uploading to the site.

Once the product lands in the warehouse, OnFulfillment knows exactly what it is and how many there are, adding that information to the portal within hours of delivery. When orders are placed and shipped, records are updated immediately. That means you can run a report at any time, day or night, to get an accurate snapshot of your current inventory.

The OnFulfillment company store service is more than just adding products or running reports, though. A dedicated team of CSR experts are available to help you set up new user groups, create new categories, or add new landing pages. You can also work with the technical team to determine who has access to run which reports, or what items external visitors can purchase from the company store, allowing you to create a highly personalized experience.

It's one of the subtle benefits of working with a turnkey supplier like OnFulfillment. We can do it all, as needed, based on your specific needs.

To request a demo, please visit contact us and let us know what you need.

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