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Focus on Channel Partnerships to Increase Your Market Presence

Your channel partners are critical to your ongoing success.  

Not only do they extend your market presence by providing additional “feet on the street” that supplement your direct sales force, they also offer regional expertise in locations where cultural, regulatory, or business differences require someone who “speaks” the local language.  Channel partners help you access new markets, lower costs, and improve your overall reach and service delivery capabilities.

So…are you getting the most out of your channel partners?  Or better yet, are they getting the most out of their relationship with you? Are you equipping them to adequately represent you in the field?  Is your organization working closely with your channel partners to keep them trained, informed, and up to date?

OnFulfillment offers comprehensive services that help you establish and maintain close and productive relationships with all your channel partners—at all levels—simply and easily.  You can collaborate with and empower your channel partners to run co-branded campaigns and produce co-branded materials, as well as plan and execute lead generation campaigns—all from your marketing partner portal.

Here are some ways OnFulfillment can help you beef up your channel partner program to increase revenue, enhance brand awareness, and build a mutually beneficial relationship that rewards both parties.

juggling partners and vendorsManage Multiple Tiers Simultaneously

If your company is like most, your channel partners are probably organized by tiers, each offering different levels of access, funding, and support based on their contribution to your business.  Your ability to efficiently manage these various groupings, understand their unique strengths and weaknesses, and impose and enforce the appropriate privileges or restrictions for each is critical.  

Through the software portal, OnFulfillment allows you to create different pages or sites for each partner and then globally apply the appropriate permissions for each.  You can determine who has access to which resources by assigning unique login IDs for channel partner accounts or for individuals within those accounts.  Portals can be configured to render different product catalogs or provide access to specific materials based on what the partner is qualified or approved to sell, simplifying the ordering process and allowing partners to develop and conduct focused campaigns they couldn’t otherwise do on their own.

Through the portal, you can also develop programs that recognize and reward your channel partners for achieving their sales goals, as well as add, delete, promote, or demote partners as needed.  The ability to control who has access to the site—as well as to monitor their usage—also provides rich and detailed metrics that measure overall participation, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your partners’ marketing efforts and reward overachievers.

call for a promotional product presentation

Support Co-Branding Efforts

It’s simple math: your company does better when your partners sell more products.  Through the OnFulfillment software portal, you can help your channel partners conduct co-branded lead generation campaigns using pre-approved content to drive additional business.

Your internal channel marketing team can produce and upload various integrated campaigns designed to be shared among multiple partners and upload them to the portal, where your partners can download and customize with their own logo.  Supplemented by other pre-approved materials available within your library and accessible to them, your partners can then—using OnFulfillment’s variable data printing (VDP) technology—conduct campaigns targeting their own customers or prospects.

By employing existing templates to lock-in certain design elements such as your logo, product descriptions, legal warnings, and specific offers, you can control and enforce your brand guidelines and overarching message while giving your partners the freedom to “personalize” for their audience.  Leveraging the same creative components across all your channel partner teams—direct, indirect, and vertical—helps you ensure a consistent look and feel regardless of the audience.  

For one-off campaigns, partners can also use the OnFulfillment portal to add their logo to various pre-selected branded materials, both printed and promotional, using marketing development funds (MDF) or other sources to finance the project.  Because it’s all managed via the partner site, the controlled environment guarantees your branding guidelines will be respected and enforced.

cobranding promotional products with partner logos

Integrate with Partners Native Platforms

More than likely, your partners have their own marketing portal running on a different platform.  OnFulfillment offers the ability to integrate with your partner’s portal via SSO or other technology, allowing both platforms to seamlessly interact.

OnFulfillment software supports the industry’s leading CRM platforms, including Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Azure, and others.  That support extends to the industry’s leading fulfillment, shipping, and online retail solutions such as FedEx, Google Analytics, UPS, DHL, and more.  If the necessary platform support is not available out of the box, OnFulfillment offers customized fulfillment software development services to create new solutions that address a specific channel partner’s need.

Sometimes these custom software developments can be accomplished with a simple configuration change; sometimes they require writing a new plug-in, upgrading code, or developing new APIs.  No matter what your needs, we ensure we can seamlessly integrate with your partner’s existing environment.

Event Support

OnFulfillment can also help support your partner’s event activities conducted on your behalf. Through the portal, you can give your partners selective access to event materials including signage, booth decorations, branded merchandise, and collateral.  If the budget supports it, your partners can also create co-branded printed or promotional materials as well as display items featuring both companies’ logos.

OnFulfillment will coordinate material production, shipping to and from the event venue, and inspection and cleaning of returned items.  Everything is scheduled and managed through the software portal, allowing both you and your partner to monitor status and understand where everything is at any given moment. 

global locations for fulfillmentDomestic and International Support

As a global company, OnFulfillment provides a consistent level of support around the world, whether your partner is in North America, EMEA, Asia, or LATAM.  

Standing By and Ready to Help

Whether you’re looking to extend your reach, accelerate entry into new or specialized markets, quickly scale your market presence, or merely gain a competitive advantage, OnFulfillment is ready to help you to beef up your channel marketing partner support.

It’s time to celebrate and enhance the relationships you have with your channel partners.  There’s no easier way to extend your brand while improving sales and increasing revenue streams.  

Our team of dedicated customer service representatives are available to assist with initial portal setup as well as ongoing maintenance and expertise.  To learn more, or to get started, schedule a meeting by visiting our Contact Us page.

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