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It’s Time to Consolidate and Centralize Your Marketing Fulfillment Activities

Over the years, one thing I’ve been surprised to learn is just how rare it is to find a company that does what OnFulfillment does.

By that, I mean offering a full complement of marketing fulfillment services—everything from printing, pick-and-pack, and kitting and assembly to warehousing and storage, shipping, promotional merchandise, and event management, among other services.

Of course, it’s not difficult to find vendors who offer those individual services; a simple online search of any of those phrases will produce scores of companies that fit the bill. What’s unusual is to find one that offers all those services under one roof. That’s what makes OnFulfillment so unique.

Our interactions with customers bear this out. Roughly 80% of our new business comes from companies looking for more comprehensive marketing fulfillment services. In our introductory meetings, they tell us that while they are pleased with the quality of the services they are receiving from their existing vendors, the scope of those services is extremely limited. Anything above and beyond the initial request is treated as an imposition. While the vendor may step up and offer to help, they make it clear to the customer that they are doing them a favor—and they charge a significant premium for their effort.

For instance, a customer producing corporate branded merchandise for an upcoming direct marketing campaign could potentially have to enlist the services of three separate vendors to complete the project: one to produce the materials, one to assemble the kits to be mailed, and a third to handle shipping. A fourth might even be required if special packaging needs to be printed and the kitting and assembly vendor isn’t equipped to handle it.

Likewise, a company looking to expand its presence at industry events like trade shows, seminars, and conferences might have to engage with multiple vendors to produce the necessary signage and decorations, print specialized collateral for each event, and store and ship materials to and from venues. And that doesn’t take into account the need to effectively oversee and manage these resources, scheduling their use to ensure nothing is overbooked.

While finding the necessary help isn’t a problem, the overhead involved can be expensive, not to mention exhausting. For companies that only need, say, a promotional merchandise vendor or a printer, then such a piecemeal approach makes sense. For those who want or need more help and prefer to centralize it, or don’t have the internal resources or budget to handle it themselves, a more comprehensive approach is the answer.

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OnFulfillment is a One-Stop Shop

For those looking for a turnkey solution, OnFulfillment offers a full menu of marketing fulfillment services. And based on what we’re seeing, that’s exactly what many companies are looking for.

Fulfillment is what we do, and our services are designed to streamline your marketing, human resources, training, and channel marketing efforts. Everything is managed through a customized portal, giving you detailed, real-time visibility into your account and the status of any project currently underway.

Need help with getting a campaign out the door? Our pick-and-pack experts can help you assemble, bundle, and ship promotion fulfillment kits, build custom boxes, or package solutions to satisfy all your marketing fulfillment needs.

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Kitting, Storage, and Shipping

When it comes to distributing those promotional marketing kits, OnFulfillment’s global infrastructure lets you ship anywhere in the world from regional warehouses located in North America, Europe, or Asia, depending on your audience. Every shipment becomes a “local” delivery, helping you avoid regulatory restrictions and customs delays.

Need to store any excess inventory? No problem—our global network of warehouses can handle all your storage needs. Using our warehouse and inventory management resources means your promotional merchandise or printed collateral is readily available for any upcoming campaigns managed through OnFulfillment. No need to arrange—or pay for—shipping between facilities.

Fulfillment Services

Branded Promotional Merchandise

Speaking of promotional merchandise, OnFulfillment offers a wide range of promotional items—everything from pens and stress balls to branded shirts and mugs to high-end corporate gifts. Our online marketing fulfillment software helps you easily procure branded swag for tradeshows, new-hire onboarding kits, and employee stores as well as for corporate giveaways, promotional materials, gift boxes and more. Our team of dedicated professionals uses state-of-the-art software to source high-quality materials from one to 1 million pieces, meeting virtually any need you can imagine.

Branding Services


Printing is another service that many of our customers previously sourced and managed separately from their fulfillment programs. OnFulfillment can support all your printing needs and integrate them with your outbound marketing, storage, and shipping efforts, streamlining the entire process.

We offer a full complement of traditional web-to-print solutions that ensure your marketing materials meet your most demanding expectations. Print-on-demand, offset, and large-format printing options are all available. Variable-data printing technology lets you customize or personalize printed materials for higher-end campaigns.

OnFulfillment also employs sustainable, eco-friendly printing methods by using environmentally friendly materials and processes, reducing its ecological impact. And by offering print services in 14 countries around the world, we help you minimize shipping and distribution costs while minimizing regulatory and customs-related issues.

Print Services

Event Management

The OnFulfillment software portal includes an all-in-one platform that provides cutting-edge event management, fulfillment, support, and execution services that offload tedious and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on more strategic activities.

With the software, you can plan, manage, and conduct successful in-person, virtual or hybrid events such as tradeshows, conferences, seminars, and training sessions. The module allows you to reserve materials, order branded promotional materials, schedule shipping to and from the venue, and perform real-time inventory management for warehoused items.

Event Support

Special Programs

OnFulfillment can supplement your fulfillment efforts with special gifting, recognition, and redemption programs designed make customers, employees, partners, and guests feel welcome and appreciated. Whether you’re welcoming a new customer or partner, onboarding new employees, or rewarding employee achievements, OnFulfillment can help you design, develop, and execute an effective program.

Gifts can be claimed via vouchers, coupons, access codes, or reward points; OnFulfillment can help you manage them all. You can even create custom landing pages for each campaign or program, all in the portal.

Consolidation is Simplicity

OnFulfillment allows you to consolidate all your fulfillment activities under a single umbrella, dramatically simplifying your life. One vendor to manage, one invoice to pay, one software portal to use. Honestly, we’re surprised more vendors don’t offer the same level of service.

To learn more about how OnFulfillment can help you centralize your fulfillment, storage, shipping, printing, promotional merchandise, event management, and reward and recognition program support, fill out our form on the Contact Us page so we can schedule a demo meeting!

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