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Earn the Love of Your Event Managers With Your Marketing Portal

A company’s event manager typically handles multiple events at the same time. Making sure that trade show materials like printed pieces, booth items, signage, and promotional items all get to Venue A, Venue B, and so on, is the stuff of migraines. Big, fat, gut-wrenching migraines.

There’s one way to make these logistical headaches disappear: let your Marketing Portal handle this work for you.


With a robust Marketing Portal, you can keep track of all of your corporate event materials. These can be coded for multiple events, if necessary, and inventoried. Event managers as well as sales teams can easily access your event materials on the system. Here, they can track usage, process orders and shipments, and manage inventory – all from their desktops.

This kind of solution will streamline the production of printed event materials, too. For example, let’s say you’ve created a print marketing campaign comprising invitations, brochures, postcards, posters, signage, and other handouts to be used at events.

Your marketing campaign can be designed in templates and stored online in your portal. This is simply a matter of your graphic design team working closely with your marketing and sales team so they know what kinds of copy and images will need to be customized – or branded – for different events. Your print service provider needs to be in this conversation as well.

Then your designers create templates for each printed piece needed for a campaign. These templates get uploaded to your portal. Now your team can access the portal and tailor the campaign materials so that they’re appropriate for each event. Even if there are simultaneous events, your materials can be customized online, and the jobs can be processed for print and delivery from within the marketing portal.

If your marketing portal partner has warehousing capability, your event managers’ lives just got even easier. This means they can access inventory reports online, see who’s ordering what materials, and run reports on all payments and/or charge backs.

Event managers realize additional benefits when working with a warehouse/fulfillment partner that’s integrated with your marketing portal:

  • All of your physical event materials are consolidated in one place, and the management responsibility lies with one company, not a handful of them.
  • You can run reports on all of your physical materials that are warehoused, at any time, from your portal.
  • You no longer have to deal with managing the shipments of your event materials yourself. It’s the responsibility of your fulfillment partner.
  • Materials that are returned post-events go to the fulfillment warehouse. You get inventory reports via the portal but otherwise don’t have the nuisance of dealing with returns.
  • You now have a central tracking hub. With all of your event materials tracked on your portal, including items used, purchased, returned, etc., you have accurate inventory intelligence to help plan future events.

So make sure your marketing portal can handle physical as well as digital materials, and get ready to become your event manager’s new BFF forever and ever.

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