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Customer Onboarding is Serious Business at OnFulfillment

When OnFulfillment welcomes a new client, they don’t just hand them the keys to the site and wish them luck. Actually, it’s just the beginning of a much more involved process designed to help the customer extract maximum value out of the new partnership and help their business thrive.

Why is Onboarding So Important?

A formal new customer onboarding process is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction, loyalty, and the long-term success of a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s not just the customer that’s being welcomed; the process also requires onboarding all their existing materials, assigning part numbers, getting those materials into inventory in the warehouse, and integrating those products into the software system. There are a lot of details to consider, and a well-defined program helps prevent those details from slipping through the cracks.

It begins early. First impressions matter; the initial interactions between the customer and the fulfillment provider set the tone for the relationship moving forward. A structured onboarding process contributes to an efficient and positive experience that leaves the customer confident they have made the right choice. This in turn builds trust from the very start and results in greater loyalty as the relationship matures.

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A formal onboarding process also sets clear expectations regarding the products or services to be delivered, eliminating confusion or misunderstandings down the road. By clearly stating what they'll receive and the level of support they can expect, fulfillment vendors can effectively manage customer expectations. This level of clarity and visibility will help customers understand how best to utilize these services to their advantage. The sooner they can start deriving value, the more likely they are to be satisfied with the relationship. Customer churn and turnover are minimized.

Depending on the vendor, a comprehensive onboarding process will also include a training module that will educate customers about the full range of features and benefits available to them. Not only does this lead to greater adoption of those features and a more independent customer, it also results in a deeper engagement with your brand, increasing overall satisfaction.

For the marketing fulfillment provider, the onboarding process offers an opportunity to gather more information and feedback about the customer’s experiences, challenges, needs, and preferences. This data can be used to gain valuable insight into areas where your products and services might need improvement or adjustments, allowing you to modify and tweak future offerings to make them even more valuable and relevant.

On a more personal level, onboarding affords the opportunity to establish a closer relationship with the customer. This human touch can foster a greater sense of belonging and trust, which in turn encourages customers to remain loyal to your brand. As they grow more familiar and comfortable with you and your products, they become more open to considering additional services, which leads to higher revenue through upselling and cross-selling.

click here for 7 solutions to managing your marketing collateralFinally, a well-structured onboarding process provides a competitive advantage by differentiating your business and making it stand out in a crowded field. A company that demonstrates a commitment to the customer’s success from the very beginning will attract more business and lead to greater retention rates.

The OnFulfillment Onboarding Process

OnFulfillment’s onboarding process begins with an eight-page document that helps the new customer understand what is available and allows them to define, in intricate detail, how they want the relationship to unfold. An OnFulfillment expert is assigned to the account, walking the customer through the process to ensure no features are overlooked or opportunities missed.

Building the Online Software Portal

The first step is to create the new client’s online portal—the place where all users, both internal and external, will interact with the underlying infrastructure. By choosing from a set of standard templates or designing their own custom site, the customer—with OnFulfillment’s assistance—can build a portal that reflects their corporate brand, appearing as an extension to their own company intranet.

Through the portal, which employs OnFulfillment’s powerful leading-edge software, users will create new or order existing printed collateral, purchase branded swag, manage events, arrange shipping, schedule campaigns, and perform any number of other activities included in the contract.

It’s during the portal creation phase that customers select the supported login process, choosing from options such as standard username and password, single sign-on, or two-step verification. User roles and access levels are determined at this point as well, defining who has access to what based on attributes such as job description, username, or department. For visitors, the experience will be completely seamless and transparent.

Once the overall look and feel has been established, the customer is then invited to build out the rest of the site, selecting the features they want to make available to specific groups or individuals. From creating the online catalog, which defines what materials can be ordered, customized, and purchased, to establishing the checkout rules, customers are invited to create exactly the environment that will best support their fulfillment needs.

company web store with onboarding materialWorking Out the Details

The onboarding software requirements document also allows the customer to dig deeper, selecting the specific services they want to include, such as supported payment methods, freight calculations, shipping methods, foreign currencies, and more.

For instance, payment methods can include support for credit cards, purchase orders, reward points, coupons, promo codes, or budget chargebacks. Freight costs can be calculated automatically for all users using OnFulfillment’s account or they can be charged to the customer’s freight account. Shipping assumes FedEx ground, standard or priority overnight, or economy two-day freight, while options for the U.S. Postal Service or other carriers can be added is needed. Foreign currencies can be added and converted automatically for any countries in which OnFulfillment operates.

Additional value-added features that offer even greater customization are also available, helping the customer build a truly one-of-a-kind site that uniquely addresses their specific needs. The OnFulfillment expert is always available to work with the customer, making recommendations and helping them realize their vision for a comprehensive marketing fulfillment offering.

Let OnFulfillment Show What We Can Do

Conveying the breadth and depth of services and features available in the OnFulfillment software is impossible in a short blog. The available options, and the combinations in which they can be deployed, are virtually limitless.

The best way to understand the onboarding process is to let OnFulfillment show you what it entails, including the various options available to you. To request a demo, just visit our Contact Us page and complete the form. We’ll be back in touch to schedule a meeting and answer all your questions.

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