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Medical Device Marketing Just Got WAY Easier

A common challenge among medical device manufacturers who sell products to channels such as physician networks is how to market their products effectively. Typically, a manufacturer’s sales rep trains physicians on proper use of a device so that they can market it to their patients.

It’s a cumbersome, outdated, and inefficient marketing strategy. And it has zero scalability.

The solution? A marketing portal designed with a medical device manufacturer’s particular needs. Such a portal allows physicians or other office personnel within the physician’s office to have access to the manufacturer’s branded marketing items. This access to your digital assets allows your channel partners to structure and customize their own marketing materials – including emails, magazine ads, direct mail campaigns, TV commercials, even billboards.

Think about it. You can significantly expand your marketing efforts exponentially by giving medical office managers online access to your marketing materials through a portal that you oversee. You decide which assets are available to individual physicians. You give them the ability to customize the digital content in ways that make their marketing campaigns relevant to their own markets.


The control over the portal and its contents remains in the hands of the device manufacturer. You decide which doctors’ offices or partners can download which digital assets – including photos, logos, videos, graphics, and content.

You set the business rules, and you get access to reports 24/7 to see who’s viewed what assets as well as who’s downloaded them. This functionality lets you know what marketing tactics are working and which ones are not.

Channel partners with access to your marketing portal can download digital marketing tools to their desktops and execute an ad or a leave-behind flyer or an email campaign, for example. This is a radical leap forward for this field.

Marketing portals for medical device manufacturers provide automated marketing intelligence to your channel partners on as wide a scale as you choose.

Bottom line? You no longer have to solely depend on your sales reps to market your products. The online content on your custom portal will help sell your equipment and build foot traffic to every physician’s office.

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