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5 Ways Marketing Benefits from a DAM System

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is every marketer’s savior.

This software solution helps companies create, manage, upload, file, store and share their digital content on any platform. A DAM (or sometimes called a MAM - Marketing Asset Management system) should be the central hub for all of your digital marketing files, including documents, logos, photos and other images, videos, and templates. The bigger your company, the more critical your DAM system. And marketers should be involved in the selection of the DAM provider – it’s not just an IT issue.Copy of 5 ways DAM systemHere are the 5 top ways marketers benefit from DAM.

1. A good DAM system will centralize all your digital assets.

You’ll have all digital assets in one repository, and in every format and version available. A DAM saves individuals hours of time spent randomly searching for files on their desktops. It also safeguards the assets themselves: only authorized people can alter them, so you’re ensured consistency no matter who downloads, prints, and/or shares them.

2. A good DAM includes a capability for repurposing digital assets.

You need files converted for different platforms, applications and media. Specs change for photos and logos as well as products like courseware, depending on where they’ll be published. Having a DAM that can handle this conversion is a major benefit. If not, someone has to be in charge of it or mayhem will ensue.

3. A good DAM system offers tracking and analytics.

Knowing details about who interacted with your digital assets is mandatory. Who opened, viewed, downloaded, shared, and/or purchased your logos, photos, brochures, videos, white papers, podcasts and so on will help you analyze product usage and campaign effectiveness.

4. A good DAM system is configurable.

You should be able to customize your DAM system for your own needs to some extent. It should also be configurable via APIs with other systems you use, such as your creative design software, like Adobe Creative Suite, your content management system, your CRM software, and your social media publishing platforms.

5. A good DAM system is collaborative.

No man is an island, and neither is a marketer. The best DAM system offers online collaboration so you can work with other team members in a variety of ways in real time. You get change notifications, alerts, email notices, and more. The system should offer you project space where a team can post comments and also have the ability to share folders.

Keeping all your media files safe and secure in one location, where you can easily manage and use them for multiple purposes, is the cornerstone of a DAM system. The right system will benefit your marketing team by helping them achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.


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