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Are You Connecting the Dots Between Your Marketing Portal & Your Content Marketing Efforts?

Do you sometimes wonder if there’s any other marketing besides content marketing? In 2008, Seth Godin said it’s the only marketing left. In 2014, a post on Forbes’ web site included a statement saying that “by 2013, use of content marketing had jumped across corporations from 60% a year or so before, to 93% as part of their overall marketing strategy.” And according to CMI’s 2013 benchmark study, 91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing.


That’s significant.

So when you stop and think about all the hundreds – or thousands – of digital assets being uploaded to your marketing portal, do you consider this massive body of content to be part of your overall content marketing efforts?

It’s worth examining. We came across an interesting piece written by Robert Rose, Chief Strategist of CMI. In it he challenged companies to think about how interconnected a company’s DAM system is with all of its other content marketing activities.

Marketing in 2015 must be nimble. So the entire universe of your team members who need access to your DAM system count on it being automated and fully accessible. This universe includes the marketing staff and also all third-party partners, resellers, your creative team, your sales team, and product developers. Let’s put Legal in there as well.

Think about what’s required in order to connect all of the content marketing activity in your enterprise with that enormous body of content in your marketing portal: Sophisticated processes and procedures. Extreme coordination among team members. Ongoing collaboration of internal teams, with a direct line of communication to all of your external teams.

A particularly salient point made by Rose in that CMI post was this: “Successful marketers have realized that (duh!) digital content and asset agility is absolutely essential.”

This speaks to an urgent need for cooperation, understanding and near-constant communication between the producers, keepers, and publishers of all of your company’s content marketing assets.

Let 2015 be the year in which your content marketing operations are directly integrated with your marketing portal. The digital asset library that is the cornerstone of your portal should be central to your company’s content marketing efforts.

Think of your marketing portal as a critical tool for your content marketing activity. They are both, after all, part of your company’s marketing ecosystem.

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