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Thanks for having us at the CEdMA Spring Conference!

We recently had the opportunity to sponsor the 2014 CEdMA spring conference in San Jose, which was hosted inside the beautiful Brocade building. CEdMA (the Computer Education Management Association) is the foremost organization for training executives and managers within technology companies. If you are an education management professional for a software or hardware manufacturer that delivers training on your products, than you are a perfect candidate for CEdMA.

Per the website:

  1. Do you work for a hardware or software manufacturer?
  2. Does your company have a formal Education function?
  3. Are you a manager (or an aspiring manager) within the Education function?

If you can answer yes to all three of these questions, then you are a perfect candidate for CEdMA membership.

The OnFulfillment team was excited to attend the conference to meet with both current training customers and new prospects. After our booth was setup and we were charged with our morning cup of coffee, we were ready to go. A steady flow of training executives walked in and around the vendor pavilion. We were delighted to show and share how OnFulfillment helps Education Services teams better manage and distribute digital and printed courseware.


After an hour, the conference participants moved into breakout sessions, and we had a break until noon when the vendor pavilion was open again. By this time, the OnFulfillment team and I were all busy answering questions and sharing what OnFulfillment had to offer. At the same time, I was able to meet many of our existing customers. It was so nice to finally able to put a face to the names that I have been communicating with.

Overall, the opportunity to meet potential and current training clients of OnFulfillment was great! Being able to share the powerful tools and software that OnFulfillment has to offer was exciting – OnCourse and OnSecure are cutting edge and were an eye opener for many. The feedback we received on these products was great. The prospect of taking the stressful, hectic process of managing training content and having OnFulfillment manage and deliver both electronic and hard copies across the globe was like honey for bees, everyone swarmed in.

We’d like to once again thank the CEdMA team for welcoming us to their event.  If you missed this event, you can get more info about CEdMA on their website at

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