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Fun With Training Vouchers - CEdMA Spring 2015

Thanks for having us at the Spring 2015 CEdMA Conference.  Below is the slide deck presented during the conference.


Training Voucher Programs enable Education Services teams to:   

  • Drive additional training revenue
  • Increase access to training
  • Increase certification rates
  • Include training in sales incentive programs

Voucher programs enable Distributors, VARs and channel marketing to purchase pre-paid training. They can then use the pre-paid training as a sales incentive to close more product deals.

These programs allows vouchers to be purchased self-service in your online OnFulfillment portal. And since they are also fully administered by OnFulfillment, Education Services teams don't need to add any program administration duties to their already busy schedules.






Training voucher programs result in more training revenue with no extra work for the training team. Our clients generate millions of dollars in annual training revenue via voucher programs - with no internal chargebacks, no spreadsheets, no program management, and no accounting needed. 

For more information on voucher programs, read our previous post, "Voucher Programs = Peace of Mind for Training Organizations."

If you'd like to speak to someone about implementing a Voucher program, please contact us.

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