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Announcing Beta Release of OnCourse, Custom Courseware Software

OnFulfillment is excited to announce the beta release of our newest software offering for our Education Services clients - OnCourse!

OnCourse is software that works seamlessly within your OnFulfillment Resource Center, and allows you to create custom courseware in support of your prescriptive learning. You no longer have to order and ship multiple training manuals in support of a custom class. Instead, drag and drop in just the content you need for the custom course and create a new training manual - saving you money on print and freight, while still delivering a professionally designed training manual. No more Frankenstein manuals, with cobbled together content! No more wasted money shipping materials that won't be used!

OnCourse was developed at the request of one of our key training clients, and we are excited to be offering this to existing clients in beta. OnCourse will be released for general availablility in early 2014. Watch the video below to learn more.


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