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Promo for Pets!

It seems like every event and meeting has a promotional product for you to take home. At this point, you probably have a box of branded products from every company you have interacted with. You get enough new products that you don’t know what to do with, and you can only find a use for so many water bottles and pens!

So, why not have a product that isn’t just useful for you but for your pet? Whether is is a corporate gift for a meeting or a trade show giveaway, pet promotional items make for a great gift for every type of client! Pet products make great promotional giveaways when they are useful too. Either way, sending someone something for their pet makes them feel like you care about their life outside of their business which leads to a better client relationship and loyalty.

With so many new options branded pet products, here are some cool ideas for pet swag:

Custom Dog/Cat Wearables

Bandanas, collars, leashes, that’s so fetch! You do not have to be the only one following the coolest promotional trends. With so many options to decorate and customize, people will be dying to know where you work in order to get their pet looking just as good as yours!


Your pet can never have enough toys, which is why they make the perfect promotional gift! Maybe your dog wants a tennis ball thrower for those great days at the park. Or more at home toys and tools that make life at home with your pet more enjoyable.

Time for a Walk!

When its time to walk your dog (or whatever pet you decide to take on your walk), what is the first thing you grab? Maybe its a pet bag dispenser, a travel-friendly water bowl or, the obvious option, a leash. You can get all three with your company logo so you can be the hit of the walking trail!

Contact us today and get free mock ups of pet products for your next marketing campaign!

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