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In the Battle of Quality vs. Quantity, Quality Always Wins

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been exploring recent trends that are influencing how businesses are spending their marketing budgets these days, first introduced in a blog post on the PPAI Expo back in January. Those trends include an industry-wide move towards more conscious consumerism as well as a growing preference for buying promotional items based on well-known retail brands.

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Why Do Consumers Prefer to Engage with Well-Known Brands?

A recent blog post highlighted various trends that are influencing how businesses are currently spending their budgets.

We detailed one of those trends, conscious consumerism, in late February. With this post, we are examining a second: a preference by customers for well-known retail brands when it comes to branded promotional items.

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What Did We Learn at PPAI Expo 2023? Let us Tell You

PPAI Expo 2023, held in early January in Las Vegas, attracted the country’s biggest promotional product providers and distributors to showcase what’s in store for the coming year—everything from new products and apparel to event material and order programs.

As with the previous few years, 2023 includes a host of uncertainties that will impact this year’s buying habits. Post-pandemic behavior continues to influence decision making, forcing companies to be cautious about spending. Couple that with an increasingly fragile economy and it’s clear that budgets will suffer.

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Enhance Your Weekly Happy Hour

During the pandemic, everyone had to find a way to keep your employees and customers engaged in new and creative ways. At-home marketing campaigns and events became the new tradeshows and meetings, and small giveaways turned into home-delivered corporate gifts.

While some of these trends did start to fade as the world started to open up, a few did stick around and are predicted to become the new regular for promotional buying. One of the trends that seems to be enjoyed by everyone is the end of the day happy hour with coworkers

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Promo for Pets!

It seems like every event and meeting has a promotional product for you to take home. At this point, you probably have a box of branded products from every company you have interacted with. You get enough new products that you don’t know what to do with, and you can only find a use for so many water bottles and pens!

So, why not have a product that isn’t just useful for you but for your pet? Whether is is a corporate gift for a meeting or a trade show giveaway, pet promotional items make for a great gift for every type of client! Pet products make great promotional giveaways when they are useful too. Either way, sending someone something for their pet makes them feel like you care about their life outside of their business which leads to a better client relationship and loyalty.

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