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102 Event Giveaway Ideas That Will Increase Brand Impressions

Events are enjoying a resurgence. That means companies are looking for branded promotional items that help them make an impression without breaking the bank.

The success of any event giveaway is measured by impressions—that is, the number of people who see the product and logo over the item’s lifetime. The size of the event (and potential audience) must be carefully weighed against the quality of the item and the available budget in order to make a lasting and favorable impression. The price of each item should be directly related to the amount of business they are expected to generate from the attendees.

Branded promotional items are available in all price ranges. This blog explores 102 popular event giveaways ranging from less than $1 to more than $50 to help you maximize your budget while increasing your impressions.

Large events with lots of attendees present a particular challenge. While they offer a tremendous opportunity to promote your brand to a large audience, they tend to attract a broad demographic, few of which are potential customers. You don’t want to spend too much on giveaways since most visitors are just looking for free merchandise. Then again, cheap products might tarnish your company’s reputation.

For those trying to strike the right balance between quantity and quality, here are some great options for reasonably priced promotional items that will reflect well on your brand.

  1. Hand sanitizer with carabiner: A great giveaway for travelers who shake a lot of hands. The carabiner attaches conveniently to the user’s backpack, bag or key ring.
  2. Malibu sunglasses: A pair of branded sunglasses adds a fun, summertime feel to your booth.
  3. Stress reliever: A squeezable item in an industry- or company-related shape offers a fun alternative to traditional stress balls.
  4. Sports-related foam ball: Similar to the stress reliever, only in the shape of a ball for whatever sport is currently in season (baseball, football or basketball). Hockey pucks work, too.
  5. Off-brand golf balls: For events where you’ll be engaging more directly with attendees, consider non-brand name golf balls you customize for a lower price.
  6. Drink koozie: Great for outdoor events. For a few extra cents, you can get a higher-value full canvas cover for decorations and branding.
  7. Mint tin: Everyone likes a nice, refreshing breath mint. Make sure the packaging is high quality; otherwise, they are more likely to break or be thrown away.
  8. Slap bracelet: A nostalgic distraction that attendees can bring home to the kids.
  9. Rubber duck: A fun gift that will help attendees remember the event.
  10. Mini first aid kit: Useful and unique, this giveaway will make you more memorable.
  11. Ball-style lip balm: Don’t let your attendees suffer! This giveaway gives you a more retail look.
  12. Lip balm/mint combination: A great 2-for-1 item that offers more branding space.
  13. Tennis balls: Good for your game or your pet!
  14. Sunscreen: Compact and portable, people will either use this item themselves or give it to a friend or family member, increasing the number of impressions.
  15. LVL bottle opener keychain: The high-quality full-color vegan leather material will encourage people to keep and use this product, increasing the number of impressions.
  16. Branded scrunchie: Fun and useful for anyone with long hair. Especially great for cosmetic or retail-centric events.
  17. Plantable cards/giftpacks: Seeds embedded in paper will grow beautiful flowers when planted and watered, suggesting that partnering with you will positively impact the environment.
  18. Shot glasses: Not only fun and memorable, but glass products—especially drinkware—are less likely to be tossed because of their perceived value, leading to more brand impressions.
  19. 4-in-1 Bamboo Waiters Knife: A useful, eco-friendly product that includes a bottle opener, can opener, cork screw and knife.
  20. Golf tool set key tag: Golf became incredibly popular during the pandemic, making this a very timely gift.
  21. Earbud cleaner set: The perfect gift for anyone who has earbuds but no easy way to clean them.
  22. Dry erase spiral notebook: A fun twist on an old favorite. While not as useful these days, people will find it nostalgic enough to show friends and coworkers.
  23. Bonito silicone wine stopper: Household items like this have a longer life expectancy than any other product category, increasing the opportunity for impressions.
  24. Fuzzerator lint brush: Useful and compact, this lint brush is a great giveaway for business travelers.
  25. Magnetic flat plastic flashlight: Easily fits in your pocket or purse, this powerful magnet light can also stick to the refrigerator, making it easy to find when needed.
  26. Beach necessities kit: A great and useful giveaway for a trip to the beach or any outdoor event, this says you care about your guests’ wellbeing.
  27. The sugar spot taster packs (variety): While this may not last long, it will attract more people to your booth to get the sweet treats!
  28. Eco recycled gel paper pen: This low-priced but eco-friendly pen elevates the value of the giveaway without breaking your bank. The unique shape also gives it an unforgettable look.
  29. Bottle opener spinner: Fun and useful, this classic fidget spinner with built-in bottle openers is for more than entertainment.
  30. Credit card-shaped bottle opener: This product fits in your wallet and offers lots of space for branding and messaging.
custom vegan leather bottle opener on a key chain
full color branded scrunchies are great for event giveaways
the bottle opener spinner combines fun with useful
malibu sunglasses are the most common promotional sunglasses style
laser engraved wine stoppers make for a great event gift (1)
this flat magnetic flashlight can be easily stored and wont take up space
promotional beach kit that includes burn gel sunscreen and lip balm
sport related toys are great gifts for adults and children (1)
glass shot glasses make for great keepsakes for conferences

Targeted events attract more focused attendees who are specifically looking for certain types of products and services, allowing businesses to connect in meaningful ways. If you participate in one of these types of events, you should consider a higher-quality giveaway in the $5 to $10 range. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Collapsible pet bowl: Cute and practical, people are more likely to keep a gift if it’s for their beloved pets.
  2. Custom dress socks with a hang tags: Custom socks are fun. Hang tag labels make them even more valuable. Wearables are more likely to be used or given away rather than tossed.
  3. Fuzzy socks: A cozy, playful giveaway with lots of fun patterns.
  4. Compactable tote bag: Full color and easy to transport, these totes can be used to carry other giveaways at the event and grocery runs at home, ensuring a long shelf life.
  5. Denik custom notebook with soft touch: Nice custom artwork on a high-quality notebook is always going to be a popular giveaway.
  6. Custom beanie: Better for colder seasons or more wintery locations, these wool caps are great for weekend event pictures and social media tags, further expanding your reach.
  7. Farmers market tote bag: The fashionable design allows for more subtle branding, which means it’s more likely to be used and kept.
  8. Drawstring bags: A classic—great for carrying other giveaways and handouts. It’s also very light and easy to carry home.
  9. Type-C USB hub: This compact hub allows multiple USB devices to be charged at once. Great for travelers who will see your logo every time they use it on future trips.
  10. Bamboo pizza cutter: Stylish pizza cutter with a bamboo cover for safe storage. Enjoy a quick slice with an easy-to-clean tool that does not contribute to environmental degradation.
  11. Poolside fun kit: An pre-kitted option for spring and summer that includes multiple Items in a single giveaway, reflecting a higher perceived value.
  12. Recycled PET bound notebook: An upscale take on a basic product! A front pocket can hold your smart phone or business cards, making it great for networking events or seminars.
  13. Tabletop cornhole game set: A fun portable game that is sure to liven up a client’s desk! Decorate the game with creative branding.
  14. 10W wireless charger phone stand: This magnetized mini wireless charger attaches to the back of your device, making it more stable for a consistent charge.
  15. Laser band bracelet: A great gift for guests invited to private events at the tradeshow. Attendees will keep these bracelets throughout the event and afterward as a keepsake.
  16. Multi-function tool: This retail-inspired multi-use tool is a great gift at a reasonable price!
  17. Multi-function neck wrap: Great for runners, fishermen and anyone with a tendency to sunburn. Customize with creative branding.
  18. Powerstick jot: A great gift for those who work from their phones or tablets, this retractable digital pen is compact and lightweight.
  19. Selfie ring light: Perfect for those who work from home or in poor lighting. Well-lit video conference attendees stand out and project a level of authority.
  20. Puzzle coaster set: Be the customer’s missing piece with this four-piece coaster set! Holds up to four beverages or serves as a unique cheese board.
  21. Car vent phone holder: An easy way to keep your phone available and in view while driving.
  22. Powerstick keystack light: A great way to organize and protect a keychain—something no one knew they needed until they had it.
  23. 6-in-1 desk accessory kit: Great for those who work from home, this product is compact and lightweight.
  24. Golf-and-go kit: A convenient kit for golfers that includes sunscreen, aloe vera, golf ball-shaped lip balm and mints in a mesh bag that can also hold tees and markers.
  25. Twin-port USB car charger: A light-up charger for the car with dual charging ports.
a decorated collapsible pet bowl is a great gift for pet owners
mini cornhole set makes for a fun desk top giveaway idea
branded compactable tote bags are great for grocery shopping (2)
usb hubs with a company logo are great high quality corporate gifts
the farmers market tote is a fashionable event gift to hold other giveaways
light up bracelet bands are good for outside events entry
custom denik notebooks with a rubberized finish on the outside elevates your brand
the powerstick jolt is a travel friendly stylus pen with full color branding
this unique bamboo puzzle piece coaster set can be put together

When hosting an event for partners and vendors—such as joint product launches, conferences and summits—gifts should be commensurate with what the parties contribute to the relationship. That means you’ll want to spend a little more on giveaways that build collaboration and promote mutual interests. Gifts in the $10 to $25 range include the following:

  1. Collapsible backpack: Cool and transportable, collapsible backpacks are something recipients will want to share with friends and family after the event.
  2. Double-walled thermal tumbler and can cooler: This two-for-one giveaway offers branding options like digital four-color printing or laser engraving.
  3. Clara stadium tote: Transparent bag is extremely useful for stadium events.
  4. Daphne double-walled tumbler and slim can cooler: This slimmer, simpler insulated can cooler features a powder-coated finish with unlimited branding options.
  5. Customized Dopp kit: This luxury travel kit is great for frequent travelers.
  6. Lunch box set: This bento-style food storage set includes utensils made from renewable wheat straw, while the bamboo lid makes it a real eco-friendly giveaway.
  7. Estrella ballpoint pen: Not just any pen—this one makes you feel like an executive!
  8. Stainless steel thermal mug with vacuum insulation: This simple coffee mug, available in 10 colors and wraparound branding, guarantees you won’t spill a drop .
  9. Opal ceramic mug: Ceramic mug with silicone sleeve offers unique branding options.
  10. Fleece blanket with front pocket: Easily transportable blanket is great for picnics and concerts.
  11. Extendable roasting sticks: This set of four compact, collapsible camping sticks is a perfect summer giveaway for campers and families.
  12. Desk organizer cube: This organizer can be easily folded up and transported, making every desk your desk.
  13. Mini-inflatable solar light: Both a flashlight and emergency lantern, this makes a great and compact gift.
  14. Screwdriver set with flashlight: It may look like a simple flashlight, but it’s much more! Seven different integrated screwdriver heads make it a great toolkit addition.
  15. Collapsible swiggy bottle: This collapsible container can hold up to 16 oz. of liquid while taking up very little space! Laser engraving on the lid enhances perceived value.
  16. Handheld rechargeable fan: A great giveaway for summertime, this three-speed fan includes a carabiner, colored lights and a charging cord.
  17. Powerstick glide: This gliding rest moves with your hand as you use your mouse, protecting your wrist.
  18. Mini vintage wireless speaker: A classic radio look combined with modern speaker technology makes this a very cool gift.
  19. Desktop vacuum cleaner: Lightweight vacuum technology picks up crumbs along any flat surface.
  20. 120-piece jigsaw puzzle: You design this mini puzzle, letting you be as creative as you like. Artwork can be event-specific or campaign-driven.
fully branded collapsible backpacks make great event giveaways for packing light
the vintage styled wireless speaker is a great giveaway idea for partners
full color dopp kits are great as a branded gifts for travelers
a double walled insulated tumbler and can cooler for corporate branding
campfire roasting stick sets are great summer swag gifts
branded inflatable solar lights are great as lanterns and road side lights
multi tool screw driver and flashlight set for event giveaways
a high tech desktop vacuum helps clean up crumbs and garbage
metal ballpoint pens are good high end gifts for customers

At client-focused events like customer appreciation banquets or other activities organized by businesses to engage their clients or customers, gifts should express gratitude and respect. That calls for something a bit more expensive. The following giveaways are in the $25 to $50 range:

  1. Trunk organizer with cooler: Here’s a cool, high-end product that’s not a budget breaker.
  2. Frost Buddy® Universal Buddy 2.0: Unique insulated stainless-steel cooler holds any size can or bottle. Laser engraving enhances your brand.
  3. Frost Buddy® Buddy Bowl: This travel pet bowl is companion to the Frost Buddy® Universal Buddy.
  4. Urban peak waterproof 12-can hinge cooler: Leak-resistant fabric cooler features an adjustable shoulder strap and stainless steel bottle opener.
  5. Sun Bum beach bum kit: A great summer giveaway from a highly respected sun protection brand, shipped in a retail-inspired cotton pouch.
  6. Biconic lantern color changing speaker: With seven light colors and three brightness levels, this lantern is unforgettable. Can be connected via Bluetooth or aux cord.
  7. Six-piece cheese board set: This charcuterie board is a trendy gift for small, client-focused events.
  8. Two-piece journal & pen kit: Leatherbound journal and matching pen set in sleek packaging makes a great gift for any customer. Embossed decoration makes branding very subtle.
  9. Dual flasks: This unique flask can hold two different beverages at once. Each compartment can be separated from the leather carrying case for a cleaner refill and easier distribution.
  10. Stanley® 14 oz. classic legendary food jar & spork: This name-brand food storage set is perfect for the office or on the road.
  11. Five-piece bamboo BBQ set with roll-up case: Sustainable BBQ set made with FDA-compliant stainless steel makes this a great warm-weather gift. Case offers a large field for branding.
  12. Redwood National Park candle: This paint can-inspired candle, available in other National Park-inspired scents, is 100% eco-friendly and gives 1% to environmental non-profit agencies.
  13. Bamboo cutting board with knife: Who doesn’t love a good cutting board? This classic set makes a great end-of-event gift.
  14. 2-in-1 wine tumbler set: This cool set of dual-insulated wine tumblers include powder coating for a sturdier grip. Comes in holographic gift box packaging.
  15. Mini black marble cheeseboard set: The marble-and-wood pairing gives this gift a trendy look. The textured marble makes each board unique.
car trunk organizers with a company logo are a great giveaway idea
name brand drinkware for you and your pet are great for corporate gifts
unique color changing speakers with company logos for customer gifts
branded charcuterie boards are a trendy high end gift for clients
leather promotional products like flasks are popular corporate gifts
stanley food jar set for event promotional swag
a good event giveaway idea is a promotional candle
name brand coolers for executive event giveaways
cheese board sets a great giveaways for small executive events

Raffles and prizes, designed to increase brand awareness, create a sense of corporate generosity and build relationships with event attendees, are typically at the high end of the giveaway price scale. Following are suggestions for gifts in the $50 and up range that will leave recipients with a positive opinion of the sponsors.

  1. Ember mug2: This high-tech, temperature-controlled coffee mug comes with a charger and can maintain beverage temperatures between 120- and 145-degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Basecamp Mt. Langley chair: Not only an excellent collapsible camping chair, a portion of all proceeds goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.
  3. iHome photo printer dock: This one-of-a-kind photo printer, which also doubles as a charger for Apple devices, makes a great raffle prize.
  4. 5-piece deluxe BBQ set: Made of FDA-compliant stainless-steel products inside a durable metal carrying case, this gift is great for spring, summer and early fall events.
  5. CraftKitchen movie night utensils gift set: This retail brand kitchen set includes an ice cream scoop, pizza cutter and wing corkscrew, packaged in a sleek black box.
  6. BruMate Togosa wine chiller and leakproof pitcher: Includes two different lids, one to secure the wine bottle in the container and the other to form a leak-proof strainer for loose beverages.
  7. Hydro Flask 20L carryout soft cooler: A compact, insulated can cooler attached to a popular drinkware brand—a high-value prize for any event.
  8. Lodge® 8" cast iron/skillet full cookbook gift set: This cookbook/skillet combo makes a great giveaway for a raffle or auction-like event.
  9. Vallate poker set: A great executive gift for poke enthusiasts everywhere.
  10. Moscow Mule gift set: Set includes two copper mugs, two coasters, and stainless steel ice cubes with a thank you note, all packaged in a sleek branded luxury gift box.
  11. Flikr fire personal fireplace: Available in round and square shapes, this desktop fireplace brings a homey feeling to your workspace.
  12. Call of the Wild gym prep set: This one-of-a-kind set comes with a luxury duffle bag, resistance band, earbuds and water bottle in matching colors. A great gift for the active user!
camp chairs make good event raffle giveaways
an idea for a tradeshow raffle gift is the ihome photo printer
having a bbq set as a event prize helps enhance your booth impression
branded craftkitchen movie night set is a fun corporate gift kit
promotional brumate togosa wine chiller for tradeshow raffle prize (1)
tradeshow booth prize winners will love a branded poker set
promotional gift box set with moscow mule mugs coasters and cubes
personal fireplace is a new promotional giveaway for event prizes
branded gym prep set used as a event giveaway

Not finding what you need? For more giveaway options, please visit our promo store. Or let us help you; just visit our Contact Us page and schedule a quick meeting.

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