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Use Your Metadata to Streamline Workflow with OnFulfillment

Online businesses must assign users to specific groups or roles that determine what resources they can access in order to maintain some semblance of order.

Many systems, however—such as on-premises Windows environments—require that these assignments be done manually. For the typical e-commerce system, which supports thousands of users, the thought of having to assign each user individually is unimaginably time consuming and labor intensive.

OnFulfillment has a better solution. We can import a user’s metadata in a variety of ways (assuming it’s available) and use this information to dynamically group users into specific groups and/or market segments. This, combined with our Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system, allows OnFulfillment to customize your catalog and streamline the user experience.

The metadata contains a host of detailed information that is useful for profiling purposes. Is the user a member of a specific department, and does that department have a specific budget and pricing? Is the department assigned a quarterly spend, or do they have specific rights to pull reports? Perhaps users in different geographical locations need to be directed to the appropriate catalogs for their region. The number of data points is staggering, and the complexity in this space can easily get out of hand.

managing different user groups with a secure user interfaceOnFulfillment can use rules to establish attribute- or policy-based access control and then use metadata to create expressive rules that define groups and sub-groups.

For example, if “Department” is equal to “IT,” then show the “IT team” category and include free shipping. If “Department” is equal to "Marketing Admin," then allow the user to browse all catalogs and manage all products within the system.

Sounds great, right? We can get even more granular if required. For instance, if you'd like to give all internal employees access to all product categories and specific pricing rules, we can write rules like "if email ends with" to create your employee groups. External partners or customers who are not affiliated with your organization but would still like to purchase merchandise can be assigned to a group defined by the rule "if email does not end with"

The possibilities are virtually endless. If you’d like to learn more about how OnFulfillment can help your business specifically, please contact us and request a meeting with one of our onboarding representatives to ask about your complex scenarios! After more than 20 years in this space, we've seen some very complex requests that have resulted in a very robust system that solves our customers’ needs.

And rest assured that OnFulfillment will never sell your data. We have all the proper controls in place to securely store and transmit your metadata. After all, we don’t own your data. You do.

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