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Being Brand Conscious without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to really making the most out of your corporate gifting, the key lies in focusing on the whole experience, rather than just the gift itself. From an optimized, easy-to-use order page, to the acknowledgement of privacy, to timely delivery of your orders, the entire experience matters, from start to finish.

At OnFulfillment, we help hundreds of customers, all of whom have varying levels of brand consciousness. Some just want a few swag items with their logo printed on them, while others want every single engagement they have with their audience to reflect the culture and values of the company.

If you are among the former – particularly due to budgetary restraints – we invite to consider the following.

In an analysis of over 50 year-end gift programs that we handled last year, we discovered that it takes surprisingly little to really elevate brand awareness. In fact, many of our clients found unique, creative and impactful ways to promote their brand without dramatically increasing the cost.

Blog Image - Being Brand ConsciousLet’s take a typical $50 per-kit budget:

  • Main item: $25.00
  • Freight (ugh) $15.00: USPS
  • Order processing/handling: $5.00

This leaves just $5.00 remaining in the per-kit budget.

It may not seem like much, but with the right approach, that last $5 can really make the gift. Handwritten notes, stickers, crinkle paper or all of these can make your gift standout and really show your recipients the extra care and effort you put in.

To take things a step further, you could also develop a custom landing page or pop-up store where people can enter their information. That way you can ensure that the shipping address is correct, the item is easily personalized for them, and their information is kept private. You brand the page and control the message. We handle the rest.

Having a pop-up shop also prevents the constant back and forth that always accompanies managing distribution lists when there is missing or incorrect information. Not only does a pop-up shop provide a more seamless, positive and memorable experience with your brand, but it can also save your team days and even weeks’ worth of time.

Best of all, this can be accomplished for a small investment of just $150.00 total per pop up store.

If you’re looking for a way to make more of an impact through corporate gifting, we can help you develop a plan that will wow your recipients without blowing your budget. Get in touch today to learn more!

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