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Moving Past Usernames and Passwords to Secure Your Courseware

We ran across an article on last week titled, "PayPal's chief information security officer says passwords' days are numbered", and it reinforced our decision regarding adoption of technology for our OnSecure product that doesn't rely on a simplesecure courseware  username and password for security. Per the article, at the recent Interop IT conference, PayPal's chief information security officer, Michael Barrett, stated that passwords and PINs were "operating on borrowed time."  According to Barrett, there are better, more secure ways to easily log into accounts in a secure manner. 

In addition to this article, you can Google "Are passwords dead?" and find 823,000,000 results! Clearly, passwords are generally not considered a very "safe" option by security experts. The basic problem is that usernames and passwords can be shared, hijacked and just plain abused.

At worst, passwords might be blatantly shared. There is typically no good solution to prevent this behavior, and we know this happens on a regular basis. And then there is the problem of passwords being too personal (myname9) or just too simple and easy to guess (12345, password). The result, however, is the same. Your training content is too easily shared or stolen by someone that doesn't have your permission to use it.

With OnSecure there are no passwords, so there is no password to be shared or stolen. The training document is encrypted to that user and their computer. How do we do it? We would love to show you, contact us via the button below.

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