Customize Your Campaigns with Variable Data Printing Solutions

business cards with printed with variable dataWhen you’re running a direct mail campaign or some other outreach program, you want to address each individual recipient’s specific needs and interests.

Variable data printing (VDP) is a modern digital printing technology that lets you do just that. VDP services let you personalize every printed piece within a single print run, delivering a level of control you’ve never had before. Names, addresses, text, colors, images, geographical locations, brand preferences, taglines, logos—all can easily be changed from one printed piece to the next using advanced variable data printing software.

OnFulfillment offers full VDP printing services to help you improve the response rates of your direct mail and outreach campaigns, driving ROI higher.

You simply provide the recipient details and customization requests; the VDP software does the rest. The OnFulfillment team can manage the production and delivery of the final product. You can monitor the status of your campaign via your online portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Variable Data Printing

Q: What is “variable-data printing”?

A: Variable-data printing is a modern digital technology that allows every printed piece within a single print run to be personalized with individual names, messages, images, and logos without delaying the printing process. This would allow you to directly target thousands of users with a single campaign, which dramatically improves response rates.