Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Printing

Being an eco-friendly printer is a process of continuous improvement. It’s about striving to reduce consumption and eliminate waste. It’s about doing our best to preserve valuable natural resources. It’s about finding sustainable ways to meet customer expectations while protecting the environment.

eco-friendly printing practices to help the environmentOnFulfillment is dedicated to finding green, sustainable, eco-friendly printing solutions that allow us to conduct our business and satisfy our customers while leaving as small a footprint as possible. Pursuing and implementing environmentally friendly printing solutions requires ongoing effort and diligence. But it’s an effort to which we are totally committed.

Our support for and advocacy of sustainable print on demand (POD) is a large part of our green sustainable printing strategy. Allowing customers to print only what they need and no more is an environmentally friendly eco-printing solution that not only reduces paper consumption, it also virtually eliminates the need to dump outdated and unused inventory in landfills.

Web-based on-demand printing also saves energy by reducing the amount of printed material consumed. Since it takes 10 times as much energy to produce a sheet of paper than to print on it, those savings are considerable.

Not only do you get the satisfaction of working with an environmentally conscious sustainable printing company like OnFulfillment, you save money, too. By only printing what you need, you reduce production, storage, and shipping costs. Managing online inventory and ordering new material is easier. And POD dramatically simplifies and expedites the printing process for both you and the print manufacturer.

It's a rare win-win-win situation: for you, for the vendor, and for the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Printing

Q: Is digital printing eco-friendly?

A: Because digital printing methods only produce the quantities needed, they reduce the resources (paper and ink) consumed, which is environmentally conscious. Also, since by definition it doesn’t produce overages, it virtually eliminates waste caused by disposing unused material. Therefore, digital printing is considered very eco-friendly.

Q: What does “sustainable printing” mean?

A: When used in relation to printing, “sustainability” refers to following accepted social, environmental, and resource-responsible practices in order to meet current standards while ensuring better outcomes for future generations.