cell phone, having access to your portal from anywhere and anytimeInnovative Solutions for Virtual/Hybrid Events

If the COVID pandemic taught us anything, it’s that many types of events—such as seminars and conferences—can be held virtually without missing a beat.

OnFulfillment offers virtual event management solutions optimized to help you stage your online or hybrid event and give attendees an experience they won’t soon forget.

Your OnFulfillment software portal becomes your online event management system, helping you create a unique customer-facing landing page for your event.  The page can be easily customized to reflect your brand.  You can send handouts, presentations, or any other literature to attendees electronically prior to the event, or hard copies can be customized, printed on demand, and shipped to registrants by OnFulfillment.

website, every corporate portal can be accessed online

Attendees can visit the landing page on your online event management website to register, receive updates, and to log-in to attend the actual event.  

Whether you are hosting a virtual or hybrid live/online event, the landing page is also the platform where your guests can register to receive any branded promotional gifts.  They simply log-in, enter a unique single-use redemption code provided by OnFulfillment, and provide a mailing address.  OnFulfillment uses any collected addresses for delivery purposes only; all relevant privacy laws regarding the collection of personal data are followed. 


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Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual & Hybrid Event Support

Q: What is the difference between a virtual and a hybrid event?

A: Virtual events are held exclusively online, and everyone attends remotely. These events can also be recorded and viewed whenever convenient for the attendee, so it’s not necessarily restricted to a specific date. Hybrid events are a combination of virtual and live events—some people attend in person while others attend online. OnFulfillment is optimized to support all three types of events: live, virtual, and hybrid.

Q: Can I offer coupons or access codes online to my virtual event attendees?

A: Yes, as part of their hybrid meeting solution, many of our clients will offer coupon codes and a link to a landing page that OnFulfillment hosts. Participants will access the page and redeem the coupon for a branded gift or some other type of swag to thank them for attending.

Q: Do you support international events?

A: Yes, we are equipped to send both physical merchandise and gift cards that are specific to the country or countries where an event is held. Geography is no barrier to your event. It’s all part of the hybrid event management services offered by OnFulfillment.